Star Children Initiative In Collaboration With The NOUS Presents 2016 DISABILITY CONFERENCE

Do you know or work with children and young people with disabilities or special needs?

• Are you a professional working in the same field?

• Are you a parent or carer supporting a child or young adult with a disability or additional need?

• Are you a child or young adult with a disability or special need?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these

questions then this FREE event is for you!

A host of exciting and innovative projects and organisations that extend choice and inclusion for people with disabilities, across all areas of their lives, will be showcased throughout the day on the exhibition floor, within the conference

DATE: Tuesday 28th June 2016

VENUE: Haggerston Community Centre 8 Lovelace Street, E8 4FF

TIME: 9:30 am – 1:00pm
MEDIA BROADCAST BY: VickieRobertHospitality  Media

Star Children Initiative In Collaboration With The NOUS Presents 2016 DISABILITY CONFERENCE

Do you know or work with children and young people with disabilities or special needs?

• Are you a professional working in the same field?

• Are you a parent or carer supporting a child or young adult with a disability or additional need?

• Are you a child or young adult with a disability or special need?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these

questions then this FREE event is for you!


A host of exciting and innovative projects and organisations that extend choice and inclusion for people with disabilities, across all areas of their lives, will be showcased throughout the day on the exhibition floor, within the conference

DATE: Tuesday 28th June 2016

VENUE: Haggerston Community Centre 8 Lovelace Street, E8 4FF

TIME: 9:30 am – 1:00pm
MEDIA BROADCAST BY: VickieRobertHospitality  Media


The Aspiring Governor of Ondo State Akinboye Taiwo Oyewumi



The Aspiring Governor of Ondo State Akinboye Taiwo Oyewumi is definitely amongst the new generation of leaders to look out for in the forthcoming Ondo State 2016 Gubernatorial elections. LIKE US ON…



Watch Don Jazzy at age 9(25 years ago)  performing ” ROSIE CAN I HAVE A DANCE” by Blacky with full live band.


Was that Mavin Grandpa Collins Enebeli ( Don Jazzy’s dad) i saw playing the keyboard?Checkout that Bae (ROSIE) giving us those RASTA steps…..EPIC!!!

Don Baba J, biko, what a hapun 2 ur voice? in chief zebrudaya alias ZB’s voice…

Enjoy the video below …whatever you are doing, wherever you are#ProgressWithJoy#


NNSS Summer Ball, London: Tickets now available!



Nigerian Navy Secondary School is 34 this year, and to celebrate this milestone, a summer ball will be held in London on September 3rd 2016. This is more than just a party, it will be the launch and building of a powerful network to help one another… globally.
NNSS alumni, no matter where you live, or what year, or location of the school you attended, you are all warmly invited.

DATE: Saturday September 3rd 2016

TIME: 17:00hrs – 01:00hrs

VENUE: Regents Banqueting Suite, 331 Regents Park Road, London N3 1DP


Beezy Obalola popularly known as Beezy is a household name when it comes to Nigerian Music scene in Dublin.

beezy There has been so many reactions about Beezy’s latest rap freestyle which he dropped on the 30th of April 2016. Within few hours of dropping, the views were over 3,000!

This freestyle landed Beezy in a radio station in Dublin, where he was invited to come and clear the air…

Beezy’s Fans came up with so many funny memes:


In the freestyle, Beezy talked about what he’s been through in the music Industry . As an upcoming Artist then, he at one time sent links of his songs to Artist like, Olamide, Wizkid and Davido through DM .They all neglected or did not respond to the DM. He also mentioned few people in his life who he’s lost to death.

Beezy acknowledged the likes of Dj Hamed, Dj Wax, Dj Jay and Dj Poison who have been instrumental to his music career.

What do you think about this brand new free style from Beezy?

Watch, Enjoy , Share and comment.




When he first came to public attention in the late 1980’s, Arthur Mafokate (born in Pimville, Soweto) was not a singer, but a dancer who’d won the Dance Categories at a number of different competitions including the Shell Road to Fame Talent Search and the Town Talk Pantsula Dance Competition in South Africa. As an accomplished dancer, he became a backing dancer for top artists such as Brenda Fassie, Son of Monwa & Son Fame and Johnny Makholi. Through dancing he was able to be closer to his dream of being a musician as it allowed him to get a feel of the atmosphere on stage and to work with established musicians. As a musician, singer, producer, songwriter and television personality, (also Vuvuzela) he later became known as ‘King of Kwaito’ – pioneer of Kwaito music in South Africa. Arthur Mafokate released the album ‘Kaffir’, in 1995, which showed


Arthur as an artist unafraid to court controversy or state his strong opinions. The lyrics of the title song ‘Kaffir’ reflect the new freedoms that emerged after the political changes of 1994, including the implementation of a new constitution and democratic election system. The King of Kwaito released the albums ‘Die Poppe Sal Dans’ (1996) and ‘Oyi Oyi’ (1997), and Yiyo (1998) containing a featuring track from Farewell, all albums containing hits. As founder of the record label ‘999 Music’, Mafokate has created a platform for numerous Kwaito artists producing albums for Supasta, Bambezela, Ishamel, Mshosa, Doom Sugar, Tall & Slender, Papa Jeff, Pinky Pinky, Aba Shante, New School and many others.



Divas of colour now in it’s 3rd year is the largest and most successful gathering of women from around the world. A special day to showcase the best and contributions of women of colour from around the world.  Come and discover brands, products and businesses by women for women and the family.

A day packed with so mcuh to see, test and buy from the best of natural skin care brands, hand made fashion and accessories products , home ware, children’s wears, Health and beauty products. Lots of giveaways and deals exclusively at the Divas of colour trade show. With over 20 authentic brands you have a beautiful day out with the girls.

You have a completely free entry to the trade show and exhibitions through out the day. Tickets are available to access the fashion show same day same venue.

You can also purchase your tickets HERE

DATE: Saturday, 26 March 2016

TIME: 12:00 to 17:30

WHERE: Hilton London Tower Bridge – Tooley Street. #5. London SE1 2BY GB – View Map
Divas of colour in association with C. Hub magazine (UK’s leading African magazine) and PearlWoman magazine (UK’s leading women free bimonthly magazine) invite you to a sizzling and exciting 3rd edition of Divas of colour awards .

Divas of colour is the largest gathering of world’s most powerful women of colour. A special day to celebrate, recognise, reward and discover the best of women of colour from around the world.

Divas of colour recognises women of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage all over the world. The most prestigious and respected awards ceremony for women of colour in the UK and beyond. Now in it’s 3rd edition , Divas of colour has recognised women such as Hon Dee Dawkins Haiglar of Georgia State US, Hon Abike Dabiri, Veteran journalist Sherry Dixon, CNN Hero Betty Makoni , Prof E A Anionwu and a host of many other achieving and influential women of colour.

This year as Dr Yvonne Thompson (who is the first ever UK self made millionaire) becomes the patron, Divas of colour has reached even to another height . With performances from top  UK female artists, dancers and afrobeats stars, this year’s award night is a not to be missed event.

Women , dignatries, and influential women from all over the world are expected to attend this year’s Divas of colour fashion, trade and award event.

Register to attend  HERE


DazzlinPR presents “LAUGH IT OUT FOR GOD SAKE” 2016

lolLaugh It Out 4 God Sake!!! Is A Classic Dazzling Event For The Family…A Unique Evening OF Laughter With Live Comedy Direct From London And Nigeria.

LAUGH IT OUT 4 GOD SAKE!!!’ was birth on Sunday in May 2014. The event is a collaboration between Comedy, music and entertainment. This yearly event brings all the Celebrities and beautiful faces all around UK together under one roof.

TICKETS: £25 ( Light Snacks with Drink)




DRESS CODE: GLAM and SHARP (Dress to kill for red carpet interview)

WHEN: Sunday, 1 May 2016




Organiser of LAUGH IT OUT 4 GOD SAKE!!! SUNDAY 1ST OF MAY 2016


Dazzlin PR is an accomplished firm and agency that specializes in making dreams come true by promoting your businesses, products and events to the world. We are headquartered in South East London, strategically located within a 0.50 hour drive from central London area. This location allows us to tap into any number of available resources to ensure your marketing and PR efforts are a success.Dazzlin PR will relate your business not only to the public, but also to the media and the world, with our buttoned up business style, big heart and determination, Dazzlin PR drives hard.

Our professionalism, tenacity and unmatched work ethic make us powerful. Our manners, thoroughness and project ownership make us a pleasure to work with. We’re brainy and journalistic, with a special niche in photography and video. And our proprietary regional media database is unmatched as a rich resource of current, local media information.

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and implement work at the highest quality level after confirming sound, accomplishable strategies with our clients.

From our beautiful headquarters in southeast of London, we monitor the pulse of the Region while navigating multiple local outreach. A new, satellite office in Nigeria expands our accessibility to Africa.

At Dazzlin PR we are accountable and efficient. We welcome being judged by the company we keep, our many satisfied long time clients. Our numerous public relations awards are also a testament to our talent.

For more info, visit or e-mail us at or call (+44 7908 101192)


Dede Mabiaku a protégé of the Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti is the son of late chief Mabiaku.
On the 22nd January 2016 at  10am, Chiefs of the Palace of the Olu of Warri will accompany the family of late Chief Mabiaku,  the Iyatsere of Warri to Ode-itsekiri for the burial of the late Chief.
Ugbajo Itsekiri Ireland : Misan Ulori presenting a bottle of Gin to The Oritseboluwo of Warri Kingdom during his visit to Ireland
 High Chiefs of the Kingdom are expected to come with their swords to bid farewell by way of a special ceremonial dance to their departed colleague. The ceremony would continue till the following morning.
Chief Mabiaku was installed by Ogiame Erejuwa II, the Olu of warri in the 1970″s. Until his demise, Chief Mabiaku was the most senior Chief of the Palace.and was the Chairman Warri Council of Chiefs.Traditionally, he was the Prime Minister of Warri Kingdom and second in Command to the Olu of Warri.
Iwere Nation,a blessed Kingdom, an envy of all Nations, Long live the new  OLU OF WARRI, LONG LIVE WARRI KINGDOM.


VRH is very honored to conduct this exclusive interview with  Chief Richmond Hope Macgrey the Oritseboluwo of Warri Kingdom.
In this exclusive interview, chief talked about his chieftaincy title and the meaning, his duties as a conferred chief, what it means to be a First Class Chief and many more….
Read interview excerpts below:
VRH : Can we meet you chief?
OGAGA OLUSI: Iam Chief Richmond Toritsegbogwa Hope MacGrey.
VRH : What is your traditional title and what does it mean?
OGAGA OLUSIIam the Oritseboluwo of warri Kingdom but Iam addressed as Ogaga – Olusi. Which is the alias that goes with my title, Oritseboluwo means God is with the King.
VRH :  How does the public address a traditional chief like yourself?
OGAGA OLUSI: Once a person is conferred with a chieftancy title he can no longer be addressed by his name. He will either be addressed by his alias or as ‘Ojoye- baba” meaning a chief of our father the King.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

VRHWhat duties are you  expected to perform as a conferred chief?
OGAGA OLUSI: As a Chief I assist the King in running the affairs of the Kingdom. I’m the eyes and ears of the king anywhere in the world outside Nigeria. I sit in council with the King to advise on national issues. I’m at the service of my King and nation 24/7.
I represent my King and nation at important functions and gatherings.
VRH : what year were you conferred as a chief?
OGAGA OLUSI: I was conferred a Chief in September 2012 by His Royal Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse II. The Olu of Warri
VRH : I have often heard people in Lagos referring to some Oba’s as ” First class Oba” is there an hierarchy in chieftaincy titles?  
OGAGA OLUSI: The Olu of Warri is first class King. The monarchy has existed for over 500 years. Long before Nigeria came to be. The king do not collect staff of office from any government. It’s on record that Itsekiri produced the first King with university degree in the the whole of Africa.
Our king and chiefs do not eat in public. You’ll rarely see our king in public functions.
Our King, His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli, the Olu of Warri. Is the Chairman Delta state Council of Traditional Rulers.
 In warri,  you cannot buy a Chieftancy title. It is only conferred by the King on people who have distinguished themselves and of very good character and that is why it is the greatest honour that can be bestowed on anyone in iwereland.
Therefore, all itsekiri chiefs are first class chiefs where ever there are gathering of chiefs. In warri, you cannot take chieftancy. If you’re not given or made a chief by his Majesty you either die as a commoner or buy chieftancy from neighbouring tribes.
VRH : While browsing on Facebook, i saw people congratulating you when you posted a picture of the Olu of warri, His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli and yourself, can you please tell us what the occasion was?

OGAGA OLUSI: In December last year we installed his Majesty Ikenwoli as the new Olu of Warri after the demise of Ogiame Atuwatse II. It was customary that all chiefs go to the Palace to swear an oath of allegiance to the new King.The oath is taken individually. So on Friday 8th January 2016, I went before his majesty with my bead and sword to receive his blessings.With that I was officially confirmed again a chief of the Palace. Iam blessed to be the first and only person in the long history of Warri Kingdom to be made a chief in the whole of Europe and the whole world outside Nigeria. I have my home and immediate family in london but I spend a lot of time in Nigeria.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 VRH : As a chief living in the Uk, what is your advise to itshekiri sons and daughters in diaspora?

OGAGA OLUSI: My advise for itsekiris most especially those in diaspora are as follows : Love yourself, Love your tribe and Love your Nation. Let’s unite, think and work positively for the good of Itsekiri. Let’s unite around our Chiefs and King. There are lots of work to be done. All are needed on board. We should try to visit home and develop our villages .

Warri Kingdom is developing at a very fast rate. Be part of it for the overall good of the nation and tribe. Let’s give our children itsekiri names for a start even if we cannot teach them how to speak our language.  For those who cannot come home try promote some activities that would bring development in our villages. Make some noise that will positively promote itsekiri internationally.

 My telephone line and Facebook message box is open for suggestions. And finally, take good care of yourselves and remember you’re an ambassador of this great Kingdom.
Long live His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli. Long live Warri Kingdom. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria
VRH: Thank you very much Ogaga Olusi for you time.
Itsekiri’s in Ireland, kindly like our Facebook page :UGBAJO ITSEKIRI IRELAND
#ThrowBack# copy of the appreciation note sent to The Oritseboluwo after his visit to us in Ireland.
FullSizeRender (3)
Itsekiri’s in USA, kindly like our Facebook page : UGBAJO ITSEKIRI USA
Itsekiri’s in UK, kindly like our Facebook page: UGBAJO ITSEKIRI UK



The CEO of Ravissant Cocktails, Christie Olorunmotemi Abdulkareem, London’s finest Mixologist and one of the leading cocktailiers in the United kingdom celebrated her 40th birthday in grand style on Saturday 2nd of January, 2016.

It was a fun and memorable occasion as friends,families and Industry colleagues turned out in large numbers to honour  pretty Christie.

Christie celebrated the milestone in style, at the Regents Park in London.

Adivahs Hire

The Birthday planning was done by top class London event planner ROE Events.

ROE Events carefully sought for top event vendors to compliment the Black Tie birthday Dinner.
1.Roe Weddings : Planning & Coordination

2. Adivahs Hire : Decoration,Table setting & Waiting Staff

3. Back Drop for the Red Carpet : kunniks Events LTD

4. Celebrant’s Makeup: Kemi Kings

5.Celebrant’s hair : Becks Buky

6. Cake: Cup Cakes by Louisa.

7.Catering : House of Angel Catering

8. Canapés and Dessert: Sweeties Dessert

9.Evening Chops: The Food Connoisseurs

10.Celebrant’s Out fit : Bunmi Olaye

11. Mc: Mc Mark

12 Photographer: Fidel Images

13. Dj: Djunbeatable

14. Cinematographer : Special Functions

15.Cocktails & Full bar Services: Ravissant Cocktails

16. Venue scenting :Ladivine Fragrance

17.Red Carpet: Vickie Robert Hospitality

The birthday opened up with cocktails at the foyer of the hall. While people were mingling / Networking, Canapés were being served. As more guests were arriving, they were being interviewed on the Red Carpet by VickieRobert. After much ado, guests were being ushered into the main hall of the party. Each table was named after some of  the different cocktails done by Ravissant Cocktails. There were 21 tables each consisting of 10 chairs. Guests were shown their seats by ROE Events staff as the guests names were written on different “cocktail themed tables”


The family table was themed the name of the cocktail that went viral on all social media platforms “Agbalumo Mojito”.
Christie’s dad is a Rtd colonel in the Nigerian Army, her mum is a Rtd Teacher while are siblings are all successful entrepreneurs.


Christie’s family and her close friends could not hide their joy when they danced into the hall to the admiration of all well wishers present.The mum of two, looked miles younger than her age in purple dress inspired by London top designer, Bunmi Olaye.

Adivahs Hire: Decoration/ Table setting

Speeches were done by Christie’s parents, siblings and children who were all short of words and had nothing to say but to thank the Lord for all the blessings bestowed upon Christie and for keeping everyone alive to be part of the celebration.

The MC, MC Mark did a great job by recognizing and appreciating all the industry guests present.

The DJ chunned out baddest tunes from “New school” to Old school…

Let me not bore you with all the details of how it went down at Ravissant Cocktails Boss talk of the town party, seeing is believing!

Watch the Video snippet below:


Professional pictures taken by Fidel Images will be posted soon!!

Christie and Family


Photo Credit: KO/ Fidel Images





Dublin based Nigerian Blogger, Primrose Obata Dodo’s son Tevin is set to release his first single titled, “FOLLOW ME” the catchy chorus is easy to rhyme  and dance to. I love the blend of English, pidgin and Igbo language which shows that Tevin is a versatile Artist.

Watch out for this NEW KID on the block  as he is set to take the Afro hip hop to another level.

Below is Tevin’s 5 MINUTES 6SECONDS  chat with his producer, KRIS CABS.


Photo credit: Oscar Blake



Ada Jabaru is a Guest Lecturer/Speaker on Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights. Ada has an MSC in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics from the University of London, same University she obtained a BSC in Economics and Social Policy

Ada’s thesis  was on Corporate Social  Responsibility within the Oil Industry.

Ada recently carried out a study on the complex and changing relationships between business corporations, their stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers) and the societies in which they operate in association with human rights and empowering local communities. Ada developed a critical understanding of the nature, behavior and outcomes associated with the social, economic, political and legal systems that govern organizations in the private, public and third sectors, assessed and reported on challenges faced by business, government, civil society, international organisations and their efforts to link successful business practice with broader social, environmental and ethical concerns.




Corporate Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.
CSR is generally understood as being the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives (“Triple-Bottom-Line- Approach”), while at the same time addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders.
In this sense it is important to draw a distinction between CSR, which can be a strategic business management concept, and charity, sponsorships or philanthropy.



Human rights are relevant to the economic, social and environmental aspects of corporate activity. For example, labor rights requiring companies to pay fair wages affect the economic aspect. Human rights such as the right to non-discrimination are relevant to the social aspect. And the environmental aspects of corporate activity might affect a range of human rights, such as the right to clean drinking water.
Corporations impact on human rights in significant ways. These impacts have increased over recent decades as the economic might and political influence of corporations has grown, and as corporations has become more involved in delivering services previously provided by governments.
Corporations have come to recognize that part of being a good corporate citizen includes respecting the human rights of those who come into contact with the corporation in some way. This might be direct contact (for example, employees or customers), or indirect contact (for example, workers of suppliers, or people living in areas affected by a corporation’s activities).

• Nigeria is the tenth largest oil producer and has the ninth largest natural gas reserves in the world (OPEC 2013: 22-23)
• Nigeria is highly dependent on oil and gas revenues which account for eighty per cent of government’s revenues and 95 per cent of foreign exchange earnings.
• Royal Dutch Shell discovered oil in commercial quantities at Oloibiri in present-day Bayelsa State in 1956.
• The discovery of oil led to heightened expectations for economic development especially in the NigerDelta region where most of the oil reserves are located (Falola and Genova 2003:134).


Case Study – Ogoni Community (Environmental Issues )
Operational failures of oil exploration often cause lasting damages to the environment of communities and regions with natural resources. This is evident in the Niger delta area of Nigeria West Africa. Shell crisis in the Bodo community, the environment has been severely depleted.
A community that heavily relies on its natural resources for subsistence can no longer enjoy the freedom of fishing, farming, fresh air or water due to major environmental disaster as a result of the operational failures of an International Oil Company.


What problem are we trying to solve ?
• Multinationals need to adopt Corporate Social  Responsibility initiatives that are reflective of the Local Communities needs
• NGO’s and other avenues can be used to channel funds

• Proper Sustainability plans and maintenance of Infrastructure

• Stakeholder engagement to include members of host communities

What do we need to fix the problem

• In the period following the SPDC JV’s withdrawal, the security environment in Ogoni land remained volatile and targeting of oil and gas facilities by saboteurs, oil thieves and illegal refiners continued.
• In 2007 the Federal Government of Nigeria commissioned the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to carry out an environmental assessment of Ogoni land as part of a wider Ogoni reconciliation process. The SPDC JV funded the report and provided data as requested. UNEP delivered its final report to the Federal Government in August 2011.
• The UNEP report highlighted significant environmental impacts from oil pollution in parts of Ogoniland relating to a variety of causes, including ongoing crude oil theft, artisan refining and other criminal activity. It called on the Nigerian government, the oil and gas industry and communities to begin a comprehensive clean up of Ogoni land and take coordinated action to end to all forms of ongoing oil contamination.

What can a Commission do on Co-orporate Social  Responsibility  and human rights

• Development and Indigenous Land: A Human Rights Approach – a set of principles addressing resource development on Indigenous land, developed by a forum of Indigenous people from major mineral resource regions.
• Corporate Social Responsibility, Native Title and Agreement Making – a report analyzing the policies of major mining companies , and identifying approaches which companies might adopt in relation to the rights and interests of Indigenous peoples.
• In addition, many aspects of the Commission’s everyday work relate to the links between corporate activity and human rights including conciliating complaints regarding discrimination in the workplace or in the provision of goods or services; considering applications made by companies for specific exemptions under anti-discrimination laws; and intervening in court proceedings involving human rights complaints lodged against companies.

Next Step:

• 1993 – Shell Halts Oil Production in Ogoniland
• AUGUST 2011
• UNEP Report Published
• 2011-13
• SPDC halts operations
• 2012
• Federal Government
• Sets up Hydrocarbon
• Pollution Restoration
• Project (HYPREP) to
• Implement UNEP
• 2013
• HYPREP re-states commitment
• To commence full
• Implementation of UNEP in 2014
• ??? Where is HYPREP
• 2015 – Who will be implementing the UNEP REPORT?









Contact Ada Jabaru for Public Speaking, conferences, seminars on Corporate Social Responsibility via E-MAIL:



On Thursday 5th November 2015, guests flew in from Dubai, Nigeria, America and London. 60 UK based guests departed Heathrow Airport for Olawunmi Adeogun’s 40th Birthday party in Ayia Napa Cyprus.  While remaining 40 guests departed from their various country’s airport . All guests stayed at the prestigious Grecian Park Hotel Ayia Napa Cyprus with complimentary champagne at breakfast.

Olawunmi Adeogun is the CEO of Delro Catering Ltd in London, with other businesses in Nigeria. Olawunmi is the daughter of former commissioner for Finance Chief Niyi Adegbenro, a high chief of Egbaland and prominent politician. Olawunmi is the first grand daughter of Chief Alfred Rewane.

Olawunmi is happily married with 3 beautiful daughters.

Olawunmi’s birthday was planned to be a master class event, the birthday was in 3 parts:

Friday 6th November

 Island Excursions

Saturday 7th November

Birthday Thanksgiving @ Horizon Suite (1st Floor.)

Birthday Dinner & Disco party (007 Theme) (Antaeus Room)

Sunday 8th November

 Boat Cruise  Party  (All White)

Thanks to Temi Bada and Bola Oyewumi who made sure guests had maximum fun while in Ayia Napa Cyprus.

DAY 1: Bus Tour of Ayia Napa  Island Cyprus


Guest converged at the hotel reception for a bus tour of three Islands. The Tour guide Margaret has 30years experience as a tour guide and  is very knowledgeable about the tourist attraction sites in Cyprus. In an exclusive interview with VRH CREW Ms. Kanyinsola Adeogun, Margaret reveals how she keeps herself updated as a Tour guide.

From the Grecian Hotel, our first stop on the bus tour was at Nicosia around the walls.

Nicosia is the capital and largest city on the Island of Cyprus, as well as its main business center. We then continued the tour to:

Archbishop’s Palace  is the official residence and office of the Archbishop of Cyprus  located in Nicosia. The palace was built next to the “Old Archbishop’s Palace” There is a bronze sculpture of Makarios 111, the first president of Cyprus on its grounds. It was sculpted by Nikolas Kotziamannis, weighs around 13 tons and is approximately 30 feet tall. Although the Archbishop’s Palace is not open to the public; the Byzantine Museum, Library of the Archbishopric, Folk Art Museum and the National Struggle Museum located on its grounds are open to the public.

Monument of Liberty


The Liberty Monument is on the Podocatro Bastion of the city walls, close to the old aqueduct  and a couple of minutes walk from the Famagusta gate.

It was erected in 1973 to commemorate the release from prison in 1959 of EOKA fighters. It shows a statue of liberty overseeing two EOKA heroes tugging on chains in order to open prison gates and release Greek Cypriot prisoners, peasants and clergy, from British colonial rule.

After few hours of touring, we stopped over at Monte Christo Kolkopetriq Village to have lunch- It can be likened to the popular “ore” on Lagos -Benin road  in Nigeria. The Lunch was really delicious!

Other tourist attraction sites we visited were: The Famagusta gate, The exhibition center, Limassol

DAY 2:

Birthday Thanks giving/ Birthday Dinner –  Thanksgiving prayer was held on Saturday 7th of November 2015 in the Horizon Suite of the hotel  From 11:00hrs  to 13:00hrs. All the female guests were dressed in the Celebrant’s chosen fabric (blue/yellow silk + blue Facinator) While family members were adorned in (yellow/pink silk + pink Facinator).


The Thanksgiving  started with the DJ playing  various Praise and worship songs, all guests were singing and dancing with hearts of appreciation to  God Almighty when the celebrant danced in joyfully to sinach’s “I know who i am”


Still dancing, the celebrant went roll by roll to greet everyone in the hall. The celebrant was gorgeosly dressed in an olive green lace/silk fabric that seated nicely on her curvy body.


Opening prayer was said by Pastor Kemi Salami who followed up with a short sermon on LOVE and a speech about Olawunmi. Next was bible reading by Mrs Eriwu Molajo after which family and friends , Mrs Eriwu Molajo, Mrs Toyin Daodu,   Adeogun girls, Bada Boys said  short speeches about Olawunmi. The speeches were very emotional, especially the one said by the celebrants children. Practically everyone shed tears of joy by the moving speeches from the children. 

The thanksgiving service ended with more prayers for the celebrant and family by Pastor Biyi  Adewumi + Speech followed by photo sessions

The rest of the evening was free for guests to luxuriate. Some went to the beach, SPA, in-door swimming, and shopping. while others like Kemi Animashaun of MagniF Events was busy decorating the dinner  tables, DJ Jerry was setting up his Turn Table and doing some sound check while the ever smiling FunkeO Photography worked alongside MagniF Events to capture all the beautiful decorations before guests get seated for the birthday dinner.


Olawunmi’s birthday dinner party was  themed- “James Bond 007”. Dress Code for the occasion was dress up as a character in  any of James Bond movie

The dinner party kicked off at 19:00hrs with VRH Crew on the Red Carpet to welcome guests and conduct interviews. Everyone was gorgeously dressed for the night, all the men were “oo7 dress code” compliant while the ladies were all glammed up in their various dinner dress only 4 ladies went the extra mile to look the part, they are Bola, Wunmi, Sola and Temi.



bond girl


The Dj played subtle music as guests were arriving into the antaeus room venue of the party. The venue was beautifully decorated in black and white and the tables were decorated with 007 playing cards and 007 name cards of each guests. The table/ sitting arrangement was done according to the different James Bond movies.



Welcome address was said  by MC : Temilola Bada, with Opening Prayer by Mrs Eriwu Molajo. More speeches were said by Dr Bola Adeogun, Mrs Enitan Rewane, Ms Faith Smith, Mrs Bola Agbabiaka, Mrs Bunmi Iyaniwura,Mrs Chidilim Ogbona, Mrs Nike Sofowora, Mrs Kenny Gbaja, Abbey Dejonwo and Mrs Toyin Ademoye.

Guests were treated to a buffet dinner, with special guest appearance of Uk based comedian Kevin J A.K.A Oluwakevin, who thrilled the guests to funny jokes about his trips to Nigeria.

After much ado,it was time for the celebrant to cut her cake. The cake was a 4 tier cake, 4 stands for the number 4 in 40,  the first tier stands for the celebrant’s husband, while the remaining tiers stand for the 3 beautiful children of the celebrant..


Guests took pictures with celebrant (table by table)

Tribute was said by Mr Dele Adeogun (Husband of the celebrant)while vote of thanks was said by the Celebrant .

Immediately after the Birthday Dinner, was the Disco. It was “free madness” on the dance floor as DJ JERRY brought back good old memories with well mixed old school music. Guest danced and danced from old school to new school till the early hours of  Sunday 8/11/2015.


Despite dancing all night to the early hours of the boat cruise, guests were up and ready to “ROCK THE BOAT”


Two hired luxurious buses where stationed just outside the hotel to covey guests to Anyia Napa Harbour at 12.00hrs- 16:00hrs. Guests were all dressed in white except for the celebrant and her husband who had a touch of red. Guests started taking pictures on getting to the Harbour. Dj Jerry went NUTS on the turn table as he kept guests dancing all through the 4hrs cruise. Hot Lunch and drinks were provided on board.


While partying on board, the captain announced that we were approaching FAMAGUSTA called the GHOST TOWN. Ghost Town?????? we all chorused in unison. Yes the captain said, and he went ahead to tell us that, in the 1970s, Famagusta was the number one tourist destination in Cyprus. To cater to the increasing number of tourists, many new high-rise buildings and hotels were constructed. During its heyday, Famagusta was not only the number one tourist destination in Cyprus, but between 1970 and 1974, it was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and was a favorite destination of celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor,, Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, and Brigitte Bardot


Prior to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, it was the modern tourist area of Famagusta. Its inhabitants fled during the invasion, when it came under Turkish control, and it has remained abandoned and under the occupation of the Turkish Armed Forces ever since. Entry is forbidden to the public.




titanic (1)

Hollywood actress Kate Winslet, made millions sob with her heart wrenching romance in ‘Titanic’ opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, VickieRobert an Event First Aid /Artist Hospitality Director, re-enacted the famous pose from the film  where she is seen with her arms outstretched on the boat.

The couple  did the same pose on a boat cruise while partying in Ayia Napa, Cyprus for Olawunmi Adeogun’s 40th Birthday party

Details of the 3days fun packed birthday in Cyprus coming soon……



Gladys Ivie Adeleye popularly known as MC Gladys is a UK based comedian who is gradually taking UK by storm she just got back from Ireland where she went to host the Tazor Lee foundation fundraising dinner and award night, where she did what she knows best dishing out rib cracking jokes it was a night Dubliners will never forget in a hurry. MC Gladys sat down with our crew for an exclusive interview. Enjoy

May we with you?
My name is Gladys Ivie Adeleye I was born in Ewohimi of Edo state, Nigeria. Esan is my tribe and I did all my primary school education in my village. I started my secondary education at the Pilgrim Baptist High School, Ewohimi and then moved to boarding School in Agbor, Baptist Girlss High School. I left there after class 3 to Idia College Benin City where I did SSS 1-3.I attended University of Benin and studied Biology Education and a Masters degree in Educational Philosophy from the same University. I taught for 7 years in Nigeria one of the Schools was Olashore International School and then relocated to the UK in 2004.
Within 3 months of getting to the UK, I secured a teaching job and have been teaching for nearly 12 years now in the UK; giving me a total of 18 years teaching experience. I obtained my British QTS (Qualified Teachers Status) in 2007 from The Cambridge University. I am married to Pastor Olufemi Adeleye and we are blessed with 3 children.

How did you find yourself comedy?

I’ll say as far back as I can remember, I have always loved comedy films. I used to love sitcoms like Some mothers do ave em, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the Parkers, etc. Eddy Murphy movies, Whoppi Goldberg films and when Nollywood was born, I mostly bought Nkem Owohs or Mr. Ibus movies and the like. Also, I knew that I was very good at imitating people in a funny way for instance in Secondary School, we did a few comedy dramas which I wrote e.g. the “night-soil man” and in Uniben my friends and I used to get together to gist and laugh until our ribs ached! When I got a job at the Olashore International School, my students started calling me “Oprah Winfrey because of the motivational talks I often gave them. They also laughed a lot at my jokes.
Do crack jokes in class?

No not at all the kids are there to learn and I am there to teach but when I began teaching in the UK, my students started telling me that I was so funny and even ask if I was a comedian? If you know British children, they say it the way it is; if I wasn’t funny, they would not say I was. Also, some of them would laugh so much, they would actually have tears in their eyes. Initially; I didn’t pay any attention to these comments but as I moved from school to school and got told the same thing; I began to think, maybe I should pay attention to this talent. One day, I went into a School and a student said “you’re even better than Lee Evans”, I didn’t even know who Lee Evans was. So, that day I bought a copy of his Biography. I watched a few of his clips and I felt “if a student says I’m better than this guy, then I have really got talent”.

You are an MC also or tell us about that is it part of you Comedy act?

Not really I never set out to or thought of ever being an MC in went into it by accident the first real occasion I anchored as, you know, the “MC” was a friends wedding several years ago. The MC didn’t turn up, so all our friends agreed that I was the best person to step in. At the end, everyone was asking if that was what I did for living.
I then began to do MC at different parties in Northampton and I got very good feedback. One day at a friends wedding anniversary in London, I did a bit of stand up for like 15minutes and as I walked to my seat, a guy walked up to me and asked for my card, I gave him. A few weeks after, I got a call through this guy saying he had introduced me to the organiser of the Bendel Schools Reunion 2015. I got the job and did the MC/stand-up.
It was at that even that I met my very dear big sister Primrose, she promised to bring me to Dublin and she did. I and “Youngest Oldman”, did the stand-up at that event and I got very wonderful feedback that day as well. So now, I can say that I am fully ready to pursue this talent with a lot more vigor than I have done these years. Its about time.

We know a lot of comedians recycle joke how do you get your jokes?

I write all my jokes by the way. I think that is what makes people like my jokes because they are really different from what they have heard before. Many people have told me that I am very natural. I guess that is because 99% of the jokes I crack come from personal experiences or what I have heard people talk about. I am a very imaginative person and a very good listener. So when people talk, I can literarily pick everything they are saying, then analyse it and look at from the funny angle. Trust me, I can see humour in every situation, even if its not funny, I chose to see it through a funny-binoculars. That has made life easy for me kind of. I have a tendency of laughing-it-off rather than let things worry me.

Do you have any hobbies and how do you relax?

I have a number of hobbies that help me relax but really; I enjoy talking (I get paid to talk by the way); and then writing. By that I mean writing anything, be it story, poem, song, TV talk-show, drama script, debate, just anything. If you give me a piece of paper and a pen, on a specific topic, I will start writing and will not stop until I get to the end of the paper. I do it so effortlessly that I am convinced its a talent. That is why its easy for me to do comedy because I don’t really have to plan ahead so much because once I start, it carries on flowing, if they don’t take the microphone from me, I wouldn’t stop.
As an upcoming comedian, who inspires you in the comedy industry internationally and locally (Nigeria)?

Locally I will proudly say the father of comedy in Nigeria Ali Baba, Bovi, Julius Agwu and Seyi law and Baasketmouth inspire me a great deal and I pray to one day meet them and possibly be on the same stage with them. Internationally I will say Whoopi Goldberg and Eddie Murphy

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time?

In 5yrs time I see myself becoming one of the most popular and sort after Nigeria MC/Comedian in the UK because I can both entertain a typical British audience the same way I can a purely Nigerian audience and I also want to use my comedy to send a very serious message to parents on the importance of getting involved with their children’s education because seeing children achieve their full potential is dear to my heart

Any message for your fans?

Thank you so much I appreciate your support, I promise to give you the best of me comedy wise anytime and any day

Thanks for talking to us MC Gladys

You are welcome



On Saturday the 10th of October 2015, Taazo lee in collaboration with ADWef hosted a fundraising Dinner and award night in Dublin to assist in financing some of its projects like building a widows vocational and resource centre, empowering widows with various tools, assisting the widows children scholarship scheme, ADWeF Health Check for widows (health outreach program in rural and urban communities etc. awareness of their activities as well as to raise funds for ongoing projects. The event was held at the Raddison Blu hotel Dublin with special guest Ibinabo Fiberesima AGN President Nigeria who also got an award for her impact in AGN. In attendance also is the comedian of the federal republic of Nigeria Younget Oldman and UK based  comedienne Ivie Gladys Adeleye ppopularly known as MC Gladys. The event is no doubt one event attendees will never forget in a hurry, the event was well planned and organised, classy and full to capacity.

Ibinabo and veteran actor Mr Deji Adenuga

The fundraising and award night was an action packed night. It started with an opening speech by Primrose Obata Dodo, CEO and founder of Taazolee, who was dressed in a shining, sparkling, all stone dress made by Riona cut2fit Nigeria. The event was followed by activities such as, a music performances by Yoma Dodo ft Chris Kabs, speakers of the day were Mrs Agnes Ekeocha Njoku of Renaissance Widows Aids Foundation Uk, Pastor Lawrence Oyetunji of CACC church Dublin and Adaku Okafor Ezeodu, the CEO of ismile, a charity organisation for disadvantaged people, an act by Youngest Oldman/MC Gladys the comedian and the final act, which was a raffle ticket auction, which sold various items largely donated by friends and well-wishers of Taazo lee. Awards were given to individuals who have made a mark in Ireland through their various projects.

Ibinabo and Primrose

Ibinabo Fiberesima-AGN President – Nigeria
Youngest oldman (Roland Igbadume) -Nigeria
Yemi Adenuga
Aderire Eyo
Susannah Komolafe
Adegbeminiyi Ali
Chinedu Oyengbulam
Lt Col Farai
Lora Ruth Wogu
Dr Chiedu Prosper Obiohi

Certificate of Recognition were awarded to the following people for their contribution to the development /integration of migrants through ARTS & CULTURE in Ireland

Tinuke Jinadu
Kunle Animashua
Gboyega Akerele Papagee
Fabu D
Chris Kabs
Peter Ogina Perod
Promise Bon Angel
Micheal Adeniyi
Allen Taylor
Nono Size Madolo
Solomon Ijigade
Irene Bazunu Ezindu
Ukachukwu Okorie (Africa world)
Abiodun Azeez (Beezy)
Solomon Ijigade
Vickie Robert

Appreciation certificate were given to the following people for their love and support . ReniAlice foundation

Debsandy foundation
Lora Ruth Wogu (SCTI)
Iman Modesty
Oscar Blake
Dj Ola Aina
Rita O cake
Kalicios collection
Ivie Glwadys Adeleye
Adaku Okafor Ezeodu
Adebukola Lawson

Taazolee seeks to create a a world where widows and orphans are able to reach their full potential.

Please support Taazolee foundation




”I cannot help everyone but i can help someone to help someone to help someone………..”Stella Dimoko Korkus.

The 2015 edition of this prestigious and high profile event with the theme “African Integration is Possible Through Prevention, Management and Resolution of Humanitarian Crisis” will have prominent African dignitaries including 5 African Presidents and many Entrepreneurs and diplomats in attendance.
Stella Dimoko Korkus,
CEO Stella Dimoko Korkus Blog,
It is with great pleasure and honour that the members of the distinguished Pan African Humanitarian Awards advisory board write to inform you of your conferment in the 2015 edition of the award. The conferment is based on your tireless commitment towards the emancipation of others and your demonstration of excellence and innovation in Humanitarian practices in your immediate environment and by extension Africa. You will be awarded under the category tagged:
The Pan-African Humanitarian Awards is an annual event conceived to recognize and profile men and women, leaders and peace builders creating change at the grassroots to national levels in Africa and also people who have demonstrated kindness in building and supporting the less privilege in their community.
Our main objective is to identify and give proper recognition through the conferment of awards of excellence and distinction to individuals, organizations or groups who have distinguished themselves as brilliant exemplars of society or who have contributed towards the attainment of peace and respect for human life and dignity in scientific discoveries, politics, academe, performing arts, literature, medicine or physiology, journalism, humanities, religion, business and philanthropy, economics, internationalism and others.
This year’s edition which has the blessings of the ECOWAS and major Stakeholders in Africa, promises to be unique by drawing participation from over 19 African countries and live streaming to more than 30 million viewers across the globe who will be watching via the internet. The event is scheduled as follows:
Theme: African Integration is possible through the Prevention, Management and  Resolution of Humanitarian Crisis.
Date:    November 14th, 2015
Please send the following to or 
  • A copy of your acceptance letter to be submitted on or before October 12th,2015 addressed to:
The Executive Secretary
13, Mensah Sarbah Rd. Kokomlemle,
Accra, Ghana.
We aspire to be an inspiration to other people in Africa who haven’t been institutional or as committed to philanthropy. We therefore have put up a package that is of real value to those who practice philanthropy in the region so that beyond the recognition the award will bring to them, they will also experience what we at PAH Awards refer to as the ‘PAH Awards experience’. The Pan African humanitarian Awards experience includes:
  • The Awardee’s short documentary of his Humanitarian activities will be showcased at the event to over 300 high profile personalities from 19 African Countries, over 30 million viewers watching via the internet across the globe and 30 seconds free airing on CNN Africa and other Media Stations 
  • Preferential attention to be given to Awardees at all our international Conferences and Summits
  • Publicity through the Website and other social media platforms and forums.
  • Press opportunities and interviews. 
For further details or enquiry, kindly contact the undersigned
While we congratulate you for a work well done, please accept the assurances of our highest regards.



Primrose Obata Dodo founder of TAR ZOR LEE Foundation a registered charity organisation in Dublin Ireland, is partnering with ADWeF Nigeria to organize a fund-raising and award night in aid of Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation to assist in financing some of its projects like building a widows vocational and resource center, empowering widows with various tools, assisting the widows children scholarship scheme, ADWeF Health Check for widows (health outreach program in rural and urban communities etc.

Date: 10th Oct 2015
Time: 5pm – 11pm
Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel (Airport)
Tickets: 30 euros couple 50euro dinner inclusive.
Special guest  Ibinabo Fiberesima (Nollywood actor/AGN President)

This is strictly a red carpet/formal event.
Check Flier for details and Visit: for more info.



Dublin-based 11 year-old singer Yoma Dodo has left an indelible mark on the
year 2015 with the release of the single “Don’t Doubt the Lord”.

The video was shot on location within the premises of Christ Ambassador Christian Centre, Finglas, Dublin and was directed by Hermillio Opel.

“Don’t Doubt the Lord” was produced by Chris Kabs. 

Cameo appearance by Dublin based Nollywood actress Betty Idemudia Emelu the pretty lady running with a baby in her arms in a confused state. Other appearances:  Yoma’s  younger brother Troy Dodo who was seen running with a 50 liter gerrican and later hiding behind it for safety and Samantha is the lady crying and praying to God for a miracle and before the end of the video, Samantha’s prayers were answered! she had a course to smile. 

Many were astonished at the level of faith, needless to talk about the artistry and creativity Yoma demonstrated with the song. With the official release of the song in Nigeria last May, Yoma followed in quick successions with the announcement and teaser for the video of the song.

Finally she sojourns with the release of the video for “Don’t Doubt the Lord” this 4th day of June 2015.


The song was born out of her mum’s experience when she had issues with her vocal cords but was eventually healed by God. Yoma uses the song to inspire and encourage people to trust in God even in dire situations as depicted the case of the characters in the video. She tells a compelling story of an overshadowing dark cloud hemmed by the glimmer of hope – a silver lining – with the video.

Yoma developed a passion for music at a young age with singers such as Chrisette Michelle, Sinach, Frank Edwards, Tasha Cobbs, and more shaping her style and prowess. She is presently a member of the CACC youth choir and the St Teresa primary school choir – “The Superstars in Dublin”.


11 years old Ogheneyoma Azania Dodo is a Dublin based Singer/Songwriter born in Galway City in the Republic of Ireland, Yoma as she is popularly called was born into a musical family her maternal grandfather was a singer her mum is a choir member at CACC Dublin, while her mom’s siblings are also singers. Yoma’s brothers Tevin and Troy also sing.
Yoma developed a passion for music at a young age, she grew up surrounded by music, singing at home with her mum listening and singing to the likes of Beyonce, Chrisette Michelle, Sinach, Frank Edwards, Tasha Cobbs, Kirk Franklin, Sonnie Badu, Sammie Okposo, Bob Marley, Sia and Pastor Donnie McClurkin.

Yoma’s aim is to use her music to inspire and encourage people to trust in God, to worship and appreciate him.
Her hobbies are singing, writing songs, shopping, surfing the net, nail art, reading the bible, watching movies and football
Yoma is presently a member of the CACC youth choir and the St Teresa primary school choir the Superstars.


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