Book Launch Gala and Fundraiser: ‘SUPERGirl 2 SUPERWoman-The ULTIMATE Guide to Female Leadership’.


You are invited to join us as we celebrate a better future for girls and women.

Loquats Publishing Company is happy to announce the publication and launch of…

SUPERGirl 2 SUPERWoman-The ULTIMATE Guide to Female Leadership’.


Guest speaker: Her Excellency, Amb. Justina Mutale (African Woman of the Yr. 2012)  Founder, Justina Mutale Foundation

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ‘Star Children Initiative’ and

‘Waliaprin’ (Walk-like-a-Princess) Organization’.

Lots of amazing stories of women that have become…..

Network with the right minds and let’s transform the world together

Dress code: Dress to impress  (You will receive  a FREE awesome portrait of YOU)

It’s the 21st century and do you know that In the business world, women only hold 4.6% of the fortune 500 CEO positions and same for fortune 1000 CEO positions?

There is a greater need for the female gender to occupy leadership positions to improve the statistics and even-out gender inequalities within different organizations, professions and administrations.

It’s time for you to step into the position that has your name boldly written on it bringing on board your unique feminine qualities and abilities to the workplace, replicating same in your girl, organization or mentee.

Once you have read this book you will:

  • Know how to bring your personal vision and mission alive.
  • Push beyond your limits
  • Unleash your passion
  • Speak for influence
  • Discover the full meaning of SUPER
  • Discover how to Dress for power
  • Become financially empowered
  • Know how to mentor the next generation

Above all, you will have all you need to become the ultimate SUPERwoman.


ORDER TODAY AT £14.99 and receive a hard cover version of my book. h


Yes! This easy to follow ultimate guide will show you how to position and have a leverage to reach the SUPER success that you truly deserve!


Oluwaseun Gbemisola Oke

Author |Coach| Speaker| Trainer| Consultant

Sheun is the nation’s #1 self- leadership and confidence expert. With over 20 years experience of being a top sales and marketing executive ,trainer and having served as executive and image coach to several clients, she has devoted her life to coaching, training and inspiring the next generation of female leaders. Her signature 4 ‘Ps’ (Passion Pushes Past Pain) describes her drive for excellence in the face of adversity.

A frequent speaker at business events, non-profit organizations and on the radio, she has been featured in The Guardian; She is very passionate about helping employees, employers,entrepreneurs, mums, all aspiring leaders and holds a firm belief that self-leadership is the secret to personal and professional excellence.

She has a  Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural economics -with thesis focused on gender issues, MBA (marketing management) and later went on to get certified as a project & risk manager.

She is the CEO of Loquats consulting LLC -a Leadership training, Coaching, Project management & Publishing outfit and founder of Waliaprin (walk-like-a-princess) an organization with the mission to raise the female economy of nations through the use of empowerment programs, seminars and trainings to build the confidence of girls and women.

She is a certified member of the John C Maxwell’s legacy team.

Above all, she is a wife, mother of three children and a minister of the gospel with a passion to make music.

To book her to speak at your next corporate event, visit HERE