VRH is very honored to conduct this exclusive interview with  Chief Richmond Hope Macgrey the Oritseboluwo of Warri Kingdom.
In this exclusive interview, chief talked about his chieftaincy title and the meaning, his duties as a conferred chief, what it means to be a First Class Chief and many more….
Read interview excerpts below:
VRH : Can we meet you chief?
OGAGA OLUSI: Iam Chief Richmond Toritsegbogwa Hope MacGrey.
VRH : What is your traditional title and what does it mean?
OGAGA OLUSIIam the Oritseboluwo of warri Kingdom but Iam addressed as Ogaga – Olusi. Which is the alias that goes with my title, Oritseboluwo means God is with the King.
VRH :  How does the public address a traditional chief like yourself?
OGAGA OLUSI: Once a person is conferred with a chieftancy title he can no longer be addressed by his name. He will either be addressed by his alias or as ‘Ojoye- baba” meaning a chief of our father the King.

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VRHWhat duties are you  expected to perform as a conferred chief?
OGAGA OLUSI: As a Chief I assist the King in running the affairs of the Kingdom. I’m the eyes and ears of the king anywhere in the world outside Nigeria. I sit in council with the King to advise on national issues. I’m at the service of my King and nation 24/7.
I represent my King and nation at important functions and gatherings.
VRH : what year were you conferred as a chief?
OGAGA OLUSI: I was conferred a Chief in September 2012 by His Royal Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse II. The Olu of Warri
VRH : I have often heard people in Lagos referring to some Oba’s as ” First class Oba” is there an hierarchy in chieftaincy titles?  
OGAGA OLUSI: The Olu of Warri is first class King. The monarchy has existed for over 500 years. Long before Nigeria came to be. The king do not collect staff of office from any government. It’s on record that Itsekiri produced the first King with university degree in the the whole of Africa.
Our king and chiefs do not eat in public. You’ll rarely see our king in public functions.
Our King, His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli, the Olu of Warri. Is the Chairman Delta state Council of Traditional Rulers.


 In warri,  you cannot buy a Chieftancy title. It is only conferred by the King on people who have distinguished themselves and of very good character and that is why it is the greatest honour that can be bestowed on anyone in iwereland.
Therefore, all itsekiri chiefs are first class chiefs where ever there are gathering of chiefs. In warri, you cannot take chieftancy. If you’re not given or made a chief by his Majesty you either die as a commoner or buy chieftancy from neighbouring tribes.
VRH : While browsing on Facebook, i saw people congratulating you when you posted a picture of the Olu of warri, His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli and yourself, can you please tell us what the occasion was?

OGAGA OLUSI: In December last year we installed his Majesty Ikenwoli as the new Olu of Warri after the demise of Ogiame Atuwatse II. It was customary that all chiefs go to the Palace to swear an oath of allegiance to the new King.The oath is taken individually. So on Friday 8th January 2016, I went before his majesty with my bead and sword to receive his blessings.With that I was officially confirmed again a chief of the Palace. Iam blessed to be the first and only person in the long history of Warri Kingdom to be made a chief in the whole of Europe and the whole world outside Nigeria. I have my home and immediate family in london but I spend a lot of time in Nigeria.

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 VRH : As a chief living in the Uk, what is your advise to itshekiri sons and daughters in diaspora?

OGAGA OLUSI: My advise for itsekiris most especially those in diaspora are as follows : Love yourself, Love your tribe and Love your Nation. Let’s unite, think and work positively for the good of Itsekiri. Let’s unite around our Chiefs and King. There are lots of work to be done. All are needed on board. We should try to visit home and develop our villages .

Warri Kingdom is developing at a very fast rate. Be part of it for the overall good of the nation and tribe. Let’s give our children itsekiri names for a start even if we cannot teach them how to speak our language.  For those who cannot come home try promote some activities that would bring development in our villages. Make some noise that will positively promote itsekiri internationally.

 My telephone line and Facebook message box is open for suggestions. And finally, take good care of yourselves and remember you’re an ambassador of this great Kingdom.
Long live His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli. Long live Warri Kingdom. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria
VRH: Thank you very much Ogaga Olusi for you time.
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#ThrowBack# copy of the appreciation note sent to The Oritseboluwo after his visit to us in Ireland.
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