Friday May 1st 2015 was the day fun loving, ever bubbling Bola Agbabiaka clocked 40.  It was a gathering of  family and old friends who all flew in from various parts of the world to celebrate with her,
The birthday took place at the SEA PLATFORM of the prestigious vidamar resorts in Madeira Island, Portugal.
Bola Agbabiaka nee Oyewumi attended Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo. A graduate of Accounting from University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, M.Sc. International Banking & Finance from University of Greenwich. Bola is a Chartered Accountant  in the UK and a Director at Anne Marie Consulting Co. London.
Bola is married to Dr. Ahmed Agbabiaka, a Technical Consultant and they are Blessed with  two lovely children,Nadia and Nina.
Bola sings like Nightingale. Dances like Michael Jackson. Enjoys flying in the air. Plays badminton on land. Skates on ice. Relaxes with apple crumble and custard. Bola Lives and works in London.
April 29th 2015
About 42 0f us flew out from Gatwick airport to Funchal Airport Portugal to celebrate with a dear friend Bola Oyewumi Agbabiaka as she clocks 40. There was so much excitement in the air, new friends were made, old ones reconnected, some got to find out they were cousins!
We had a smooth journey from London to Funchal. When we got to Funchal airport, we were picked up by the hotel transfer luxury bus. From funchal to the hotel were we  stayed,  was about 30mins. Rather than drive for that long with nothing happening on the bus…one of Bola’s friends who is a popular caterer in London decided to crack our ribs with different jokes. She also advised couples amongst us who were on the bus to be at peace with each other and make best use of the “get away” instead of indulging in “little” quarrels.
On arrival to the hotel, we were given keys to our various rooms, we freshened up and went down for lunch and  later had dinner at 6pm. Lovely food!
Trust us, rather than go to our various rooms to rest from the journey made  (London to Madeira Island), we decided to have a slumber party Hosted by one of Bola’s friends, Lawumi. The slumber party started at 10pm and lasted till 5am!!!!! Guess what we were doing????
Your guess is as good as mine, JISTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  women and jist sha??? Jisting about what???????
Well, I’II leave the guesses to you all!
April 30th 2015
More guests arrived today, about 25 of them making it 67 altogether….yea, I know large turnout for a destination party. That is to show you Bola is loved by all her friends and family!
The birthday celebration kicked off with a Sailor fancy dress theme (Men & Women) costume boat cruise part on ‘Thursday 30th April 2015 with DJ Jerry on the decks, churning out baddest jams from old skool to new skool  lol! Bola’s parents were not left out, they were both on board with us, thanking God for being alive to be part of the celebration. They both joined us in dancing as their joy’s knew no bounds.
The boat cruise was off the hook! There were no posers as everyone had a mission…. “a mission to “ROCK” We were not ready to let it slip by. Five days away from cooking, doing the dishes, laundry, school runs, work etc…. we were like ladies who had just been let loose! We danced, danced and danced and when we had finished dancing all the steps from wooden leg, shuffle to shoki and had no other steps, some of us turned to  pole dancer’s lol! That was a sight to behold! Just close your eyes and imagine me on a pole dancing…..yea! that was how crazy the boat cruise was…#GirlsReallyHadFun# Thanks to DJ jerry the resident Dj at  The Spoons London
We arrived from the boat cruise just in time for dinner, after dinner, as usual rather than go to our various rooms to relax, we opted to have a “Re-mix” of the boat cruise but this time, on LAND! Lol!
Bola requested for a spare meeting room for us to have  our 2nd slumber party. We danced, jisted etc.. till early hours of the morning.
The D-Day!
Bola started her D-day with  prayer and thanks giving service. Invited friends and family were all in attendance.
In as much as Bola’s friends love to rock, they still take God/Allah seriously! Lol! One of Bola’s friend’s,Tayo was the choir mistress, and yours truly VickieRobert doubled up as the Usher. Bola’s elder brother, Mr Boye (olori ebi) was the pastor. The only thing missing at the service was, OFFERING!!!! we didn’t take offering!!! Well, it’s not too late, you can all send your offerings to my Bank Account.. lol!
After the prayers and thanksgiving, Bola gave a very long emotional speech about how grateful she was to her parents, brothers and sisters for all they’ve done for her, which has molded her to be the accomplished woman which she has turned out to be today.
Bola took her time to appreciate each and everyone of her friends present at the thanksgiving service and went as far as mentioning how she met everyone of them and the impact the relationship has had on their friendship.
Herve Ledger Bridgette dress, Giambattista Metallic Valli nude sandals & clutch
Birthday Dinner Dress code Gentlemen: GQ/Ladies: Racy Vogue
One of Bola’s friends who is an event planner in London (MagniF Events) was on ground to ensure everything was set at the venue. She has been Liaising with the Resort Event Planner before her arrival. The birthday dinner was held at the “ SEA PLATFORM” of the ocean view restaurant in the hotel.  Guests started arriving the venue at 7.00pm …
Guests were welcomed on the  Red carpet,  photographed & Interviewed by VickieRobertHospitality4Celebrities.While the interviews were going on, there was a subtle music at the background.
The Saxophonist was playing to welcome the celebrant, Celebrant arrives with her family, Nadia & Nina led the way, holding their basket of petals, throwing them one after the other on the red carpet, as their parents walked majestically on the red carpet to be interviewed by VickieRobertHospitality. Photographers and Videographers captured every moment of elegant Bola’s entry.
 The Saxophonist kept on playing while the Celebrant greets her guests and settles in, all the guests sure wanted to have a snap shot of Bola as she was looking very Hawrt!! Bola went round each table to have a photograph with them. The event proper took off at about 20.15pm: All guests took to their seats after welcoming and taking first photographs with Bola.
One of Bola’s friends, Olawumi did a good job being the MC of the birthday. She did it so well and professionally, you would think that is what she does for a living!! Olawumi called on Bola’s elder brother, Akinboye Oyewunmi, to take the opening prayer and welcome Speech.
Immediately after the opening prayer and speech, it was dinner time!!!! There were total of 9 tables all labelled with the name of the 9 islands in the world, Portugal being one of them. While guests were being co-ordinated to go help themselves at the buffet table, there was a magician entertaining guests with various tricks/Magic.
The cake is a two tier white ribbon cake baked by Vidamar hotel and Resort chef. Guests and family members all took turns to take photographs with Bola as she cuts her lovely birthday cake. Straight after the cutting of the cake was Speeches! Speeches!! Speeches!!! This was well co-ordinated by the MC, Table by table.Bola’s elder sister in America could not be present but she sent in her own speech which was read out by her cousin Tope. The speeches were all so emotional….
Bola’s dad during his speech revealed that Bola is a SPECIAL child and that since she was born into the Oyewumi family, Bola has always brought love and joy to the family. “Bola is the one that binds all the family together and i thank you for this”- chief Oyewumi. Dad ended his speech with a popular yoruba chorus that goes thus “Omo lasho aiye” everyone joined in the chorus.. Bola’s mum was short of words as she could not find the right words in English to thank God for the life of Bola and all that she has achieved in life. Mum not only sang in her native dialect (Ondo) but she also taught all the guests the song! #You should have seen the look on Bola’s face# lol!
After all the speeches by friends and families, Bola gave a lovely speech & Vote of Thanks.
Closing prayer was said  by Mr Bola’s brother Dapo Oyewumi.
 Red Alex Perry dress, Metallic multi-color stud Christian Loubiton pumps, metallic stud Alexander McQueen clutch & Miu Miu accessories.
Make up by TBI
Cake by : Vidamar Resort Chef.
 BIRTHDAY DISCO 10.30pm: Part 2 of the event Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!
We all moved from the dinner party at the sea platform to the dance floor  of the birthday disco held at the ocean view of the hotel, while the celebrant went to change into her 2nd outfit:
Black Alice Temperley play suit, jimmy choo glitter sandals & clutch, jewellery – Stefano Patriarchi autographed Gold jewelry.
Make up by TBI
 Sat. May 2nd 2015
Madeira Island Individual hop and ride Tour/shopping
Some of us went to the city center for sightseeing, compare and contrast prices of same shops we have here in London and in Madeira.
It was shocking to know that although  Zara shop in Madeira sells same things as the one in England, the only difference is the note sign before the figure. Take for example if a pair of shoe in Zara London cost 50 pounds, same shoe in Zara Madeira would cost 50Euros!
I therefore concluded it was cheaper to shop in Zara Madeira than Zara London.
Sun. 3rd May 2015:  Mini Cruise  to Porto Santo Island
Dress code: Casual + ‘All things Baywatch'[swimming costume, beach towels, sun hats, sun creams, shorts etc.
 Breakfast/ snack buffet was provided for us at the private/1st class lounge on-board the ferry
Mon. 4th May 2015: DEPARTURE…..
Back to life, back to reality……..

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