iyayan valentine 121

The sleepy town of Dublin was brought to life by Iyanya who gave an outstanding performance  which the crowd will forever live to remember. Hosts of the show that took place today at the Basket ball Arena in Tallaght Dublin 24 were Comic comedian, Fabu D, Tina and Tanya.Dj’s on the wheels of steel were, Dj Poison and Dj Teeface Oba Ara. Red Carpet Interview was done by Damilola.  Before the Kukere master Iyanya appeared on  stage to perform, Dublin acts Teejay Tray, Beezy and Crystal Dance opened the show with a stellar musical, choreographed and vocal performance.

Iyanya entered the stage in the most appropriate and unique way possible – dressed in black and black, and in a state of high spirits, beckoned  onto the stage by the stage director while the crystal Ice Dance Crew ” were performing to an electro techno song When the overture reached the climactic crescendo, Iyanya stepped in, and the show officially started with “JOGOLO”. There was no need for Iyanya to slowly and carefully build the communication with the audience — hands were already up in the air!  Everybody was dancing as Iyanya  sang “Make my head swell, What’s your Flavour, Le kwa Ukwu, your Waist and Kukere….

iyayan valentine 115

In addition to performing some of his own songs, Iyanya’s continuous communication with the audience and the ability to instill the “jam” factor into each of his songs made his appearance nothing less than mesmerizing.

The silent murmur of the audience quickly escalated into an ecstatic combination of screaming, singing and dancing as everyone jumped on their feet and joined Iyanya’s electrifying choreography of coming alive and breaking free. The exhilarating performance of the song enveloped the Arena with a pulsating energy that served as a final touch to the show’s fantastic finale.

Kudos to GE Productions Crew.


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