As we wave goodbye to 2013,New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year.Here at VRH4Celebs we’ve asked some of our Afro-Irish celebs how they’ll usher in the new year and what their plans are for 2014

Peter D-Xclusive -Publisher/Editor-in-Chief at Xclusive Magazine
Two New Year Resolutions for me: One, to float a Nigerian version of Xclusive Magazine in Nigeria. Since 2010, I have had this grand plan to do this. But three years since, it still hasn’t taken off. I’ve been contending with one obstacle or the other. But I think 2014 will be it! Two, to read Biographies/Autobiographies: Barack Obama’s “Dreams from My Father,” David Beckham’s “My Side’”, Nelson Mandela’s “A Long Walk to Freedom,” Stafford Hildred & Tim Ewbank’s “Roy Keane: The Biography’” Jonathan Margolis’ “The Secret Life of Uri Geller: CIA Masterspy?” Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography,” Richard Branson’s “Losing My Virginity” and Jade Goody’s “Jade.” I am fascinated by great personalities: their life and drama; fears and failures; drives and motivations; ventures and adventures. How, in God’s name, did they manage to keep their heads up, far above their peers? I want to read as many biographies as I can in my lifetime, and I’m starting in 2014!

Primrose Obata Dodo Poddesk TV Host
My Newyear resolution is to spend more time in studying the word of God, don’t get me wrong, i spend time with God everyday, i just want to spend more time with Him in 2014.

Eve Verygoodbadgirl John-Oweh -C.E.O krystal promotionz
my new year resolution is very simple,this new year,i want to be a better person than i was in 2013.paying great attention to me and me alone,that includes my children,bearing in mind a quote from tyrese gibson “loyalty has an expiration date”i dont want to surround myself with negative minded people,im all about possitivity this coming essence,my focus is strictly based on me,my children,my career,and moving closer to God
I want to stay true to myself whithout bothering about people’s perception about me or letting anything anyone says hinder my progress…and hopefully i want to relaunch my entertainment outfit (krystal promotionz) back into the entertainment scene god willing…

Patricia Olufemi -Ireland based Model, Singer & Songwriter
One of my new years resolutions is to learn to smell the roses. Sometimes we work so hard and once we achieve one thing, we’re on to the next without really taking the time to appreciate what we have and how far we’ve come. So In 2014, I resolve to consciously enjoy the little things and be more grateful for them.

Angel Michael-Ireland based Model,MC,Comedian,Moral Activist
My New-year Resolution is Simply to Reconnect Back to God Through the Church,i Have Been away for One Year,Because the Pastor of the Church i used to go to, Destroyed My Belief in the House of God By Fornicating with Some Female Members’ While Teaching and Preaching the Gospel(Hand of Esau,Voice of Jacob)

Sema Tecino -Artist
My new years resolution would be to be better in every way than i was this it friends,work,spirituality,biz,career,family or general well being..

RivaNine Osondu -Artist
my new yrs resolution wil be – staying true to my self/practice fairness – In other words, leaving what i dont need with 2013 & stay focused with all that i need in 2014…

Susan Komolafe – Radio Presenter
My Newyear resolution is to focus more on d important of life, Christ nd Secondly my Children.

Godfrey Chimb -Financial Advisor, Promoter,PR Machine,Event Manager, Entreprenuer,Artistic Director, Music Executive,Radio Presenter and Column Writer.
While 2014 has a lot that won’t change as Fabu D will still in his mind think he is Kevin Hart and Frank Jez won’t still be allowed by FM104 to say anything on air.
I look forward to changing a lot about myself. Be a kinder critic and take criticism on anything I do to get better I also expect many events as always and big breakthroughs for many around me. People around me work hard and deserve a great 2014. Gonna be great year for the Urban Scene in Ireland and remember the economy is recovering. I got friends running for office this year who are young and dynamic in the upcoming elections allow to say we gonna kick butt.
But hey it’s 2014…. It’s a year of grace and a year to have no fear… Go for it Folks… As no limits say …’dats it …dats it …hello’

Jo Reprezenter -Artist
First i will like to thank God for a successful year with good health and blessings.
Thank my family and the fans supporting Jo Representer and Strong Entertainment.
new year resolution is to continue working hard as always. 2013 as been a great and successful year. I spent alot of time promoting and representing the culture and also branding strong entertainment.
2014 is going to be a blast, alot more music and collaboration by God grace. Am going to be alot more action and less talk.

Melody Maker -Artist
My new year resolution is to seek much more peace in the new year!


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