The show which first premiered on Kennis Music Channel on Startimes in July, has pulled in great viewership by those audiences who have bonded with it so quickly, that has warranted its coming to the terrestial tv.
“Lighthouse with KSB” is a 30mins talkshow that is characterized by a profound Inspiring/motivating taIk that aim at building ultimate human productive and efficient capacities. It mirrors lifestyle, creates emotional boosters for the exploration of greatness possibilities.

It is a talkshow that profers solutions, balances emotions and gives wings for others to fly, with lots of inspirational music at whatever age bracket.

KSB revealed reasons why she chose to go into talk-show even as her singing career still blossoms: “As an inspirational singer, i realised that there are so many things i want to share and i can’t wait till the next song or album so i decided to use the platform of a weekly tv talk-show”.

“I have been nursing this idea for over 10years, i guess i was gathering experiences enough to give others courage” she further said. The talk-show hosts she admired in her journey is Funmi Iyanda and Oprah Winfrey.

Watch video:


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