Tune into Bisi Olatilo Show today 8/10/13 on AIT Nigeria to enjoy the best in Entertainment. The Bisi olatilo show on AIT AT 9pm today will bring you 45mins of Engagement Church service and Reception of the wedding of Bisi olatillos Daughter and we shall revisit chief Gabriels 79th Birthday in Benin.

There is no show on TV in Nigeria like the Bisi Olatilo Show (BOS) and the show also has the best website by any Nigerian TV Producer. BOS is well packaged locally and internationally. Because the genius behind this show is the number one showbiz impresario in Nigeria with over 29 years experience in the entertainment industry.

He has dined and wined with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Senators, Ministers, Commissioners and other dignitaries in Nigeria and abroad as he met with them to interview them and compere their events.

We met once when he was still working full time for the Radio Nigeria with an office on Martins Street in Lagos, Nigeria.

About The Bisi Olatilo Show
The Bisi Olatilo Show known as ‘BOS’, the Flagship of all TV talk shows in Nigeria, is a delight to millions of viewers the world over. The show is produced by BISCON COMMUNICATIONS and it is a leading brand, not only in Nigeria but internationally.

The BOS is family-oriented in scope and a crowd-puller for its simple, down-to-earth and unique style of presentation. The programme has won many awards locally and internationally, prominent among which is the Nigerian Media Merit Awards in 2004, City People Veteran Achievers Awards, The Celebrity Awards.

The Bisi Olatilo Show is broadcast in Nigeria, Europe and U.S.A

About Bisi Olatilo
BISI OLATILO was born on December 20, 1953 and has paid his dues in the field of Broadcasting.

Starting out with the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo state (because) in the 1970s before joining Voice of Nigeria (VON), the external service of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN). He later moved to Radio Nigeria where he worked for 22 years.

Abundantly gifted with the mastery of three Major Nigerian languages: YORUBA, HAUSA and IGBO, Bisi was the pioneer Head of the Indigenous languages Services at Radio Nigeria 3 and was the toast of radio listener in the 1980s and 1990s until he left radio broadcasting in 1999.

His Hard work in radio broadcasting was rewarded over and over with numerous awards, the climax being the recipient of the prestigious Nigerian Media Merit Awards-Broadcaster of the year in 1993 and 1994 consecutively.

He is also an accomplished Master of Ceremonies (MC) and he has compered major events, including the Formal Launch of MAMSER (alongside seasoned MC extraordinaire- Ikenna Ndaguba) and at the reception held in honour of the former South African President Dr. Nelson Mandela and wife in Lagos, 1990.

Today, he is the Chairman/Chief Executive of BISCON COMMUNICATIONS, Executive Producer of the BISI OLATILO SHOW. He hails from Igbajo, Osun State and is happily married with 5 lovely children.

Bisi Olatilo holds a B.SC Degree in Mass Communication from the Lagos State University, Lagos.

Contact Bisi Olatilo Show

12 Sylvia Crescent ( behind Elizade Plaza)

Anthony village,




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