Irish Mayor, the original Irish cream liqueur is blended and bottled in the heart of Ireland. The brand is created by Rotimi Adebari, the first elected black mayor in Ireland to showcase the welcoming nature (Cead Mile Failte) of Irish people.One of the motivations for the introduction of Irish Mayor is “The Gathering Ireland 2013”. Gathering Ireland 2013 aimed at inviting Irish and friends in the Diaspora to Ireland and share the very best of Irish culture, tradition, business, sport, fighting spirit and the uniquely Irish sense of fun.Irish Mayor takes The Gathering to another height, brings a taste (Irish cream liqueur) of Ireland to the rest of the world and invites the world to share and enjoy the taste.


Irish Mayor is made using the finest ingredients, superbly aged Irish whiskey and rich Irish cream blended with a bittersweet cocoa flavour with distinct caramel notes by First Ireland Spirits, the largest Irish owned producer of Irish Cream liqueur and Irish Country Cream beverages in the world.Irish Mayor can be enjoyed straight, on-the-rocks or in coffee.

Please Drink Responsibly


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