As we all know Babangida was the one time miltary head of state n Nigeria for a long while…he is an army general and was noted to be one of the smoothest yet ruthless presidents we have ever had…Despite all the so many trials tribulations and transitions that has occured in Nigeria..Babangida still some how remains strong influential and present in politics in Nigeria.

Now coming from this character profile , sematecino got inspired to relate some of the pressing issues that has been on his mind too through this Iconic figure as some sort of alter ego personality..Sema uses this medium to address some topics he would usually not and so to speak reveal a lil cheekishly dark side that we all have too..
Sema however does not just leave it to the message but also paid attention to the art of delivering it…by turning this RAP DRAMA as he calls it into a very rythmic and lyrical piece..applying distinctive elements of rap like word play,wit, ryhmes and flow…sema took us on a deeper journey into him and his art as – Lyrical Babangida

Strategically and relevantly coined like never before…the track is a recorded freestyle which is 6.30 mins long..Pwheeewww!Did we forget to mention its juicy ,spiced up with a lil naughtiness and cultural varieties all in one.Unique, Creative, Different Odd.
Playing with the word LYRICAL a many number of times Semat even creates a fun side to the track with his ongoing quiz on his fan page on facebook which questions How many times the word LYRICAL was actually used on the track…First 3 Correct answers wins Top Up vouchers..[Irish Residents Only]

To make the picture and art of the whole track shine a lil brighter sema shoots a quick Green Screen Video for the track with his usual Video Production Company Hi-def Studios..Video was shot on Cork street in Dublin Irelad and directed also by Acclaimed and Award winning Video Director – Joe Chad.

Cameos in the Video include – Fast rising female Rapper in Ireland – Mai, Super Popular Comedian – Fabu -D, Rapper – Croweezy, Afro-Pop Artist – Weirdz, Afrobeat Artist – Danny Young, Beautician and Make up Artists – Bella and Yonela.

As at this date video has got close to 200k views on Youtube..

Published by vickierobert

VickieRobert is a qualified Registered Practising Nurse with a long-standing passion for the entertainment industry. VickieRobert is the C.E.O of VickieRobert Hospitality4Celebrities.Her hands-on experience in music promotion and her Academic background have provided her with great practical knowledge of the industry which has been of great benefit in terms of VickieRobert Hospitality operations and planning.

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