Since former TV talk show hostess, delectable YemiAdenuga relocated to Dublin, Ireland, not quite a lot have been heard about her. Then she was a delight to watch on the African Independent Television (AIT) for her candid, open and intimate talks with guests including celebrities on topical issues, interviews and perspectives on the stories that made headlines.  Quite a few knew she was married to charming looking actor, DejiAdenuga. While she was away, Deji’s profile as an actor was on the rise but when the arrow of love hit him seven years ago, he joined his wife and kids in Dublin. Instantly, the couple became the couple to watch in the social diary of Nigerians and Blacks in Ireland.  To rekindle her love for his Romeo, Yemi found his 5oth birthday a perfect occasion. She lured him to Dubai for a memorable birthday aboard a luxury boat and rallied up friends and family from Nigeria, England and the United States of America to give him the birthday party of a lifetime.

Below is an except of the interview held witj Deji Adenuga by Ronke Kopuluyi of e247.

Can you share with us moments leading to the surprise birthday your wife had for you in Dubai?

We were just joking and she was telling me, she will be having me for the whole day, that she will want me to take her to the Airport because she’s going to the UK. She packed her luggage, and I didn’t know that all that were in the bags were mine.

So you knew about the trip?

I knew about the trip at the airport; I didn’t know the luggage I was dragging into the airport was mine. We moved to the counter where she brought out the tickets, showed it to the people at the counter, and they were just laughing, and I didn’t know they were laughing at me. I asked her, ‘Is this my Passport?’ she said yes, and that’s when I was told I will be having my birthday breakfast in Dubai the next morning. I was like ‘wow! What do you mean and she was like,  ‘you are going to Dubai.’ I was speechless because I had a lot of appointments lined up for me. I was even planning the memorial service for the late Deputy Governor of Ekiti State which was to hold on that Friday. I didn’t know she had taken care of everything. So I followed her to the airport, and there, I saw my birthday card and I was like, why not if not? Let me go and enjoy my life with my wife only. We got to Dubai, checked into a hotel and she ordered breakfast; a very sumptuous meal. After the meal, I went in to change and from there to the pool to swim. Later, she pointed at a boat and told me she will like us to cruise on that boat and if possible, have a dinner on the boat and that she would love me to be well dressed. I said, ‘Okay, if that’s what you want, your wish is my command.’  So I went to sleep after the swimming and when I woke up, she said, ‘I have gone to book dinner for us, I want you to dress up.’ At first, I was confused and told her she didn’t allow me to take any of my things. Then, she opened the luggage I carried earlier and brought out a brand new pair of shoes. I was just looking like who’s this witch of a woman. Then she brought out her own dress and said, look exclusive dinner for both of us.

I didn’t know what was happening until we got to the exclusive York Club and entered into the boat. She led the way in but when we got to the staircase, she waited and pushed me to the front. I wanted her to go first but she said no, it’s your night, let’s go. When I got to the top of the stairs, I peeped into the hall and I saw people, but not their faces because it was dark, but before I could think of anything, I started hearing people singing ‘Happy Birthday to you.’ That was when it dawned on me that she had informed all those that were going to have dinner that night that they were going to celebrate my birthday and when the light came on, I was shocked. All my friends that were supposed to come to my house for breakfast where all loaded in the boat. All my friends, her friends, my brothers and relatives in Nigeria from Ijebu; all the people that mean so much to me were all loaded into the boat. I opened my mouth and I could not close it, my legs where shaking and after about one week when I had overcome the shock, I promised myself that I’ll make a movie of that dinner. Everything I couldn’t express there, they will see it in the movie.

What will you say about this woman?

To be honest with you, at this point, I don’t think I have good enough words to describe her, but I will tell you she’s the love of my life. She’s a pillar, a great woman. I have always known from the beginning of our relationship that I am blessed, but I never knew I was this blessed, and I can tell you, I’m blessed beyond imagination with this woman alone.


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