How Christian fundamentalism crashed Yetunde Jagha’s marriage in Dublin Ireland.

Religion is always a controversial issue and not expected to solve all the problems in this world.
Mrs.Omodolapo Yetunde Jagha(Nee Olotu),Ireland-based Nigerian born-again Christian is no more but her tragic story must serve as a bitter lesson for many women still ‘stranded’ in a relationship with wicked Nigerian men posing around as ‘men of God’.As if ‘Pastor’ Noble Jagha was planning to dance on his wife’s grave.He started spreading  the rumour that his wife was just one leg inside the grave with her  operation mastectomy which led to the removal of one of her breasts. The news first filtered round the Dublin city through Hassan (Jagha’s church member)
who was  Pastor Noble Jagha’s girlfriend.Mariam innocently told her flatmate that she would marry Pastor Jagha very soon because his legal wife(Yetunde) was just few weeks away from cancer death.
During Mariam’s saga, a panel of respected church members was set up to investigate the scandal after which Jagha and Mariam was asked to swear with a Bible in the presence of top church members. He did and swore but it was so unfortunate that even Yetunde publicly refuted the allegation levelled against her husband to show her true love. Yetunde later regretted that gesture when a known Nigerian family in Dublin revealed the promise of marriage which Jagha made to Mariam since Yetunde would soon pass away.

Jagha is also not happy with Yetunde because  all their four children are girls with no single male child and he vowed to look for other woman to produce a male child for him.

When Yetunde was diagnosed of cancer about five years ago,the husband(a church pastor)persuaded her that ‘fasting and prayer’ shall cure the cancer within few days until the cancer now spread to her lungs and other vital organs.This later led to the mastectomy operation which was kept as a ‘secret’ between them.To say Yetunde was a respectiful and loyal wife was an understatement.She loved her husband so much and always overlooked his extra-marital affairs in order to protect her marriage.

The church authority tried to make peace between them after this event.But ‘Pastor’ Noble Jagha when  summoned several times by the chairman of Christ Apostolic Church (Outreach) in Ireland.He was very rude on phone and disregarded him.

He  was later reported to the pioneer of the church who visited Ireland from the United Kingdom to resolve issues with between Pastor and Mrs Jagha but he tricked them each time that he would get things resolved but he never did.

Less than three months before the death of Dolapo,he was given a compulsory break with pay to have issues resolved with his wife if he had to be continue to lead a church. Unfortunately, he did not bother to make any peace with her until she was admitted at Mater Hospital,Dublin on the 25th of March 2013.

Dolapo was in a deep coma  the midnight of 25th March,2013  and medical experts said she may sleep to death but prayers and vigils were conducted by church members without the support of her controversial husband and she was revived after the third day. Mr.Noble could not hide his devilish intent as he was shocked  when informed that Dolapo had survived after third day in coma.He was emotionally disturbed by the news of how his wife failed to die quickly.
The headquarters of the church before the burial had donated a sum of 1500 euro towards burial, and additional contribution was also collected at the service of songs on 13th of June,2013 and without hiding his shame,Pastor Jagha  demanded for the collected money immediately after the service of songs.
People now started to wonder of his ‘medicine-after-death’ type of love for his late wife that he never cared for while alive since he was busy sleeping around with other ladies in Dublin,Ireland.
To make the matter worse,on the burial day,Friday June 14,2013.’Pastor’ Noble Jagha arrived with about four broad-chested Congolese private bodyguards to protect him against any physical attacks.The leader of the bodyguards is simply known as ‘Bosco’.This man,Bosco is a relation of Pastor Jagha’s latest girlfriend.Jagha was really embarrassed during the service of songs as a ‘wicked’ husband with no true love for his dying wife and four female children.
It must be noted that the good government of Ireland was responsible for the burial expenses. However, it was noted that Pastor Jagha has been begging people to support the burial which he never spent a dine towards its execution.Right now,from a reliable source,Pastor Jagha is planning to establish his own church to attract his supporters and sympathisers in Ireland.He is now in custody of their four children pending the outcome of the legal battle.Yetunde mentioned some of her trusted friends and family members in her will to be the co-guardians of her children.When death was staring Yetunde in the face.She quickly instructed her close friends to release her stories to the whole world  after her death for young ladies not to fall victims of the so-called ‘men of God’ with devilish agenda.She stated all the key facts of the tragic story and challenged ‘Pastor’ Noble Jagha to defend himself in the court of public opinions.As Yetunde’s dad(Mr.Olotu)wrote in his oration for her beloved daughter :”God of Vengeance must surely reward ‘Pastor’ Noble Jagha.”
As at press time,efforts to reach ‘Pastor’ Jagha to hear his own side of the story proved abortive as his mobile phone was not reachable.

Mrs.Omodolapo Yetunde Olotu-Jagha,(1971-2013)rest in perfect peace.

Source: Dare Lasisi
Photo Credit: Supradex


9 thoughts on “How Christian fundamentalism crashed Yetunde Jagha’s marriage in Dublin Ireland.

  1. May this lady RIP and we should be thankful for her bravery for releasing her story, for me for many years I have said i’m disgusted by the behaviour of the “church” going men all week they go around committing many sin especially adultery and then go to church on Sunday afternoon to repent only to go commit sins just hours after leaving church. Such a shame this poor lady had to die with all this on her mind not knowing the faith if her children. May she get to eventually rest in peace xxxxx


  2. May the lord keep u in his bossom Yetunde, my hearts bleeds for you, may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen!


  3. I pray for the parents and her children the fortitude to bear this irreparable lost. and for the so called husband I’m speechless. ”very painful exit”


  4. This is a man who called himself a man of God but this man is a man of the devil
    You sent yetunde to her untimely grave God will reward u


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