The Nigerian International Recognition and Merit Awards (NIRMA) is created to recognize hard working and achieving Nigerians or individuals of Nigerian heritage in the Diaspora and at home in Nigeria.

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At NIRMA, we value our reputation and our unique selling points make us different from the rest…

INTEGRITY: NIRMA’s internally consistent ethical framework is built on the principles of transparency, honesty, accountability, accuracy and a commitment to upholding and adhering to these moral and ethical principles.

 GLOBAL: NIRMA is truly an international competition designed about Nigerians for the world. With nominations open to all countries of the world and winners picked from a list of high flying Nigerian achievers from around the globe, NIRMA draws the attention of the world to outstanding Nigerians.

DISTINGUISHED, INCORRUPTIBLE PANEL OF JUDGES: NIRMA boast of an independent panel of volunteer judges made up of eminent and honourable individuals selected from a wide range of industries from all over the world.

THE NOMINATION, SELECTION AND WINNING PROCESS: The NIRMA process is impeccable and transparent.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME AWARD: The ‘NIRMA’ can only be won ONCE in a lifetime and as such is coveted by nominees and cherished for life by winners.

PROFILING NOMINESS: The NIRMA TV programme gives an insight into the lives and achievements of nominees, giving credence to their qualification for nomination.

NIRMA EVENTS: NIRMA is not only recognising and awarding excellence, but also exhibiting the best of Nigeria in an international Trade Fair designed to create a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services to potential stakeholders from all over the world.

YOUTH MENTORING: NIRMA’s ‘YOUTH MENTORING’ project is designed to motivate Youths and give them a sense of purpose and direction through the mentoring giving by positive role models NIRMA will facilitates for them .

SEEKING FUTURE LEADERS: NIRMA’S ‘SEEKING FURTURE LEADERS’ project is designed to seek, identify and put forward qualified and accomplished individuals in the Diaspora suitable for leadership positions back home.

NIRMA 2013: The 2013 edition of NIRMA will hold on November 30th in a prestigious location in London, United Kingdom.

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