Talent Amidst Tears? Watch the Ramat Audition at the Glo XFactor in Abuja

Someone must have told this contestant that sob stories get the votes on these talent shows because she kicked it right out of the park.

Watch this hilarious video of one of the contestants at the audition of the Glo XFactor Nigeria. The judgessef didn’t even try to hide their laughter. Okay, Reggie Rockstone tried a little and Onyeka Onwenuwas clearly not swayed! Oh Ramat, Cry Me A River!

Published by vickierobert

VickieRobert is a qualified Registered Practising Nurse with a long-standing passion for the entertainment industry. VickieRobert is the C.E.O of VickieRobert Hospitality4Celebrities.Her hands-on experience in music promotion and her Academic background have provided her with great practical knowledge of the industry which has been of great benefit in terms of VickieRobert Hospitality operations and planning.

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