Beyoncé Knowles-Carter capped off a performance at The o2 Dublin with €875.90 worth of Nando’s chicken.

Beyonce's Nando's receipt

It’s 10pm on a Sunday night, you’ve just come off stage after playing to a packed stadium, what to do next? Unwind in a hotel suite? Throw a wild after-party well into Monday morning?

If you’re Beyonce the answers is order a truck load of chicken and play ‘Wing Roulette’ with your entourage.

The former Destiny’s Child singer rang ahead to the Mary St. branch of Nando’s to make the colossal order of 14 x Jumbo Platters and 7 x Wing Roulettes.

The feast included two whole chickens and five large sides, along with 70 wings ranging in spiciness from mild to extra-hot.

It seems customary to make song title-related puns here, so we can surmise that Beyonce was Crazy In Love with chicken and that the meal left her with Sweet Dreams of Lemon & Herb. The singer is reported to have described the 7 x Large Corn as ‘Irreplaceable


Source: Metro



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