VIDEO: SHO LEE!!! The Chronicles of SEAN TIZZLE

Sho Lee!… Ko Lee!

Those are the words on the lips on virtually every music listener in Lagos and environs at the moment. Big-Ups to the man behind the chart-topper; the new name in town… SEAN TIZZLE!

“All through the past few months the broadcast & social media networks have been abuzz with “SHO LEE” by @iamseantizzle. A song which started receiving major airplay in less than 2 weeks of its release, currently topping music charts, playing aloud in every club speakers and has its official video continuously winning acceptance from the music-loving public.

In a quest to keep all fans of SEAN TIZZLE abreast, Difference Entertainment presents “The Chronicles of SEAN TIZZLE” Episode one.

A compilation of the happenings and activities of “Mr Sho Lee” @iamseantizzle, especially on the Official release of the much anticipated “Sho Lee” video which was well interpreted in visual form, shot on location in Lagos.

Sit back, relax as you wet your appetite with this documentary complied by Mo Filmworks for Difference Entertainment.

If you weren’t keeping an eye on SEAN TIZZLE aka “Mr Sho Lee” already, now would be the time to start.”


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