vrh welcomes olu of ilaro 033

As part of the VRH services, an exclusive interview with HRM Oba Kehinde Gbadewole Olugbenle was conducted by VRH-Celebbuzz at his rented holiday home in Blessington county Wicklow, Republic of Ireland.

VRH: Kabiyesi o! Ki Ade pe lo ri! ki bataa pe le se! Ki irukere pe lowo!

Before we proceed with this exclusive interview, i would love to observe all traditional protocol by reciting part of the Oba’s ORIKI:

Oriki Oba Kehinde Gbadewole

Olugbenle, Asade Ogunloye Ikerin

Omo agun loye bi Oyinbo

Agun leyin Oju

Oko Ayaba

Aura wole joye

Omo osupa gboki

Omo eberiri bi o okunkun…….


Agarawu! Orunmila!


VRH: You are welcome to Ireland Kabiyesi! Is this your first time in Ireland?

Kabiyesi: Yes, this is my first time in Ireland but i have always been with you all in spirit.

VRH: How do you see the people of Ireland especially the ones you came in contact with or seen on your arrival at the airport?

Kabiyesi: The people of Ireland are very receptive, the Nigerians were very warm. It was good to see the ladies that welcomed me at the airport “VickieRobert Hospitality4Celebrities” crew exhibit a bit of our culture at the airport which attracted so much attention! Ireland is a very serene place that i would love to have as a kingdom but due to distance…….laughs! I see some of the Irish people coming up to me to snap with their cameras and camera phones. That means they appreciate our culture, they love what they are seeing unlike some other countries that will just be looking at you. The Irish have shown they love tradition, they are very accommodating, they accommodated us on arrival at the airport when we were displaying our culture and tradition….They are very loving people and i would like to say, we love them too!

VRH: What was your background before you were crowned the Olu of Ilaro?

Kabiyesi: Actually, before i ascended the throne, i was based in Abuja, practising as an Estate surveyor/valuer and at the same time, the Assistant Pastor of Redeem Christian Church of the God. Basically, that was my background before ascending throne. I think so far so good, my background has been of tremendous help to me on the throne, my profession and Pastorage has prepared me for the challenges i am facing or have faced since i ascended the throne for the past one year.

VRH: What is your main purpose of visiting Ireland?

Kabiyesi: My main purpose of visiting Ireland is to let the Irish know that Nigeria is not as bad as the media portray it to be. There are lots of things the Irish community can do with Nigeria. I have also come to see Nigerians not just the Ogun state indigenes living in Ireland because as a Paramount Ruler, the whole of Nigeria is your home.

My visit is also to encourage Nigerians living here to come home and partner with businesses and organisations back home. “Home is Home“ Since the Nigerian’s living here have been exposed to how things are done, it would not be of any benefit to them if after acquiring knowledge skills and attitude of doing things refuse to come home and develop it. I have come to encourage them to begin to look at ways they can use all the skills, knowledge and exposure acquired to come home and impact it in the lives of our people back home in Nigeria. They should not get lost here! Home is Home!

Anybody that is 50years should think about doing something back home, it does not necessarily mean the person has to relocate back home but at least, the person should start frequenting home/Nigeria.

That is basically the purpose of my visit.

VRH: How would you encourage Nigerians, Ogun state/Yewa land indigenes living in Ireland on how to preserve our culture and heritage?

Kabiyesi: My encouragement to Nigerians, Ogun state/Yewa land indigenes living in Ireland is that they should not abandon our culture and heritage, we should not allow our culture to die….. especially the basic one, that is how we greet , how we respond to greetings. Yoruba’s most especially, value respect a lot e.g o and e. “E” carries a lot of weight in Yoruba land as it is used to greet people who are older while “O” is used to greet people who are of same age bracket. We should try and imbibe these into our children.

In a discussion with the AOSI president Mr Dotun Adegbesan, i suggested to him to think of  starting a weekend class/summer camp where our children will be taught our culture and heritage. This will be of great benefit to preserving our culture and heritage so that the unborn generation will have something to embrace…..our moral values should not be abadoned.

VRH: What is your word of advice to Nigerians, Ogun State Indegenes/Yewa Land living in Ireland?

Kabiyesi: My advice to all Nigerians especially my Ogun state/Yewa people living in Ireland is that, they should remember they come from somewhere and that somewhere is their source/Root. There is a lot to be done at their “source/Root” That is why when people die, they take them back to their place of origin that is their source/root. When you are sick, you visit a doctor, the doctor tries to find the root cause of the illness before prescribing any form of medication. It is all about the Root/Source, they should not allow their ROOT to die.


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