Oh my gosh! Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Gown Compared to Mrs. Doubtfire!!!

Kim Kardashian loves her Met Gala glove-gown, but the unique Givenchy design wasn’t a hit with everyone. Her rose-patterned look has been compared to a sofa, a grandma’s curtains and — perhaps the shadiest comparison of them all — Mrs. Doubtfire.

Kim Kardashian vs Mrs Doubtfire

After the Met Gala, Coco Perez posted a pic similar to the above, asking readers to decide who rocked full-length floral best. An overwhelming 89% voting for Mrs. Doubtfire, the cross-dressing nanny played by comedy legend Robin Williams back in 1993. To paraphrase Taylor Swift, why you gotta be so mean, people of the Internet?

Robin Williams joined the chorus of people who think his hip ol’ granny character looks better. Robin Williams         @robinwilliams : by tweeting:I think I wore i better!

Despite all the flak, Kim seems to be happy with the way she looked at the gala. She couldn’t stopInstagramming pics with all the A-listers she rubbed (flower-print) elbows with. Riccardo Tischi, a close friend of Kanye West’s and designer for Givenchy, raved to WWD about how Kim looked in his couture creation. “She was the most beautiful pregnant woman I dressed in my career.”

Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/kourtney-and-kim-take-new-york


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