Davido Threatens Blogger Lol Sheifunmi With Grievous Bodily Harm At MTV Press Parley In Lagos

Lol Just Actually read This off  Another Bloggers Blog so i decided to reblog it  even though its a bit late and i didnt read or hear about it till now, Offending celebrities is one of the hazards of being a celebrity or gossip blogger.

You write a story they don’t like, even if it’s partially true they get pissed. It’s one of those things, it comes with the territory. But when lives start getting threatened then there is a major problem, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At a press conference parley for The MTV Africa All Stars event which was Going on in Lagos. Davido threatened to beat up and have killed blogger Sheifunmi Yusuf if the latter came close to him for an interview.

Read an eyewitness’s account of what went down below

Sheifunmi is affiliated to MTV UK, so he was present at the press parley organised to interview artistes and MTV Bosses. Peeps like Ice Prince, Davido, 2face, Professor and lots of industry guys were present. As soon as Sheifunmi stepped in with his crew, Davido was informed he had one more interview, he asked who.

Then he pointed at Speen, Sheifunmi’s colleague, and was like “Hell no!
Then he went on to say if Sheifunmi came close to him, he’ll beat him up and have him killed because Sheifunmi tweeted or talked about his Dad. Davido stormed off Angry. Funny thing is he will always run into Sheifunmi and that minute,hour and day will be very hot and uncomfortable for both guys. Seeing as the international blogger will be hosting the fashion police on the red carpet.

20 year old Davido’s threats are a result of a story Sheifunmi ran on his blog in January about Davido’s Dad, billionaire Dr. Deji Adeleke concerning alleged marital issues and the alleged involvement of an Undergraduate Mistress…Read That Story HERE

When that story went public Davido blasted Sheifunmi on twitter calling him a faggot, See his tweets

Sheifunmi’s Reply

All this led to parley for The MTV Africa All Stars event….

I understand David is upset about the story about his Dad, he is still going to run into Sheifunmi in a professional setting. I feel Davido had two options 1) be professional, do the interview, keep it moving or 2) refused to do the interview without causing a scene. But who care na he’s decision Let him do whatever he wants to do we’ve got your back here

SheiFunmi is putting himself in an uncomfortable position as well ,Sheifunmi will meet Davido in a Professional setting and will be either scared for his life or just have Guilt in him….Oh God Help Him the story is true …lol,Well my guessing is that it isnt because of  Davido’s Reaction to be fair Nobody that would allow anyone to ruin the Name of their father nor mother


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