Photos: Meet Charly Boy’s (Oputa) Family Members.

Lol! Can you see what Charly boy is doing? Charly boy captioned the photo”My family, My rock” Top left is Lady D, Charles, Maggy, Yvonne, Daisy and his parents.
Meet the other family members when you continue

Meet Akunjeri Yvonne Oputa. She is a producer, marketer, interior decoration artist and director of TAAKRA afro resources. He calls her his ‘ my right arm, my song, my princess’
Miss Daisy J. Oputa, recently graduated from one of the prestigious universities in the U.S. He calls her ‘my song, my princess’
Charles Alex Oputa, is a fashion designer and also The CEO of Alexander O. Alexander. Charley boy calls him ‘my souljah,my prince’. He is in a relationship with fast rising rapper, Eva.

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VickieRobert is a qualified Registered Practising Nurse with a long-standing passion for the entertainment industry. VickieRobert is the C.E.O of VickieRobert Hospitality4Celebrities.Her hands-on experience in music promotion and her Academic background have provided her with great practical knowledge of the industry which has been of great benefit in terms of VickieRobert Hospitality operations and planning.

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