The Different Faces Of Nigerian Girls?

Yoruba                                  Hausa                                             Igbo

Igbo Girls: There must be plenty money, and less or no sex. She abandons you immediately a rich suitor comes calling.Edo Girls: Will love and take care of you with her money, hoping one day you will travel overseas and be rich. After 2 years, and no plan is forth coming, she will dump your sorry ass. Oh, I forgot…..lots of sex will be involved.

Yoruba Girls: They love with their body, soul and heart. Whether you are rich or poor, that’s not their business. They will continue to support you even though you aint making progress. If a suitor comes around, majority will reject him and stick with you. Money is not their problem, but Love. Oh, plenty of sex is guaranteed (well not all of them will give you sha).

Hausa/Kanuiri/Fulani Girls: Chai, They will start discussing marriage from the first week of the relationship. They love so foolishly, that they can sacrifice their comforts for you. They don’t need your money, most of them have rich parents and relatives. They want to have you as their King, while you treat them as Queens. Sex is not a problem.

Tiv Girl: Oh my God. From the first day of the relationship, be preparing for a breakup. If you don’t drink, smoke or club… are a loser. They won’t deny you of sex, but don’t deny them money…..unless you wanna share your girlfriend with a Politician(SugarDaddy). If you are lucky, some may love you.

Idoma Girls: They are widely known as heartbreakers. Oh, you must prove your love 100% to them and expect little love from them. They love and hate sex, depending on the one you chose.You must also have money, but that’s not a solid criteria. Lest I forget, be prepared to be used as an “Emotional Balancer”.

Igala Girls: Money and Love goes hand in glove. They love for real, but you must have money. They tend to associate themselves with your everyday life. They give limited sex.

Nupe Girls: They are very Shy, lovely and caring. They don’t know if money is existing, but am not sure if you will have sex as you desire. They are sometimes called “wife materials”

Ikwerre Girls: Na wa ooo, Money is number one on their Agendas. With money by your side, you will experience the kind of love you only dream of. I must warn you, there is a high probability you will lose your girlfriend at any given time. They are naturally attracted to the so called “Highest bidders”. Unlike the Igbo girls, they give sex freely provided money is flowing freely….lolzz

Urhobo/Ijaw/Isoko/Itsekiri Girls: hmmmmm, They are possessive and jealous. They love for real, even if you have little money. They have this belief “money will come”. They are vulnerable to “common law marriage”…..a marriage where a man and a woman lives together because she had an unwanted pregnancy. Sex is not a problem, as long as you are faithful.

Calabar/Ogoja Girls: Chai chai, sex from the first day of the relationship is highly guaranteed. They present themselves as slaves to you, they derive joys in seeing their boyfriends getting satisfied sexually and “FooDilly”. Popular opinion thinks these people don’t like money, but I bet you….there is time when money will be an issue.

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