Pop star singer, Dapo Oyebanjo known as D Banj has announced that he will be releasing his highly anticipated album on Saturday March 30, 2013. The album, according to the singe, is a compilation album titled D King’s Men and includes the remix of his popular song Scape Goat featuring American rapper, Kanye West. Earlier scheduled for release in December 2012, the album will be the first from his record label DB Records.

The award winning singer with hits like Oliver Twist, Mr. Endowed confirmed the release last week through his twitter handle and wrote that ‘D Kings Men Album March 30.

The album will feature other DB records acts like Kay-Switch and in-house producer, Jay Sleek.

In a other news, D’banj and his manager, Seun Bankuli has gone their different ways. E-train gathered that the manager, vocalist and sound creator for the Koko master, Bankuli started having issues with D’banj shortly after the well-hyped Koko concert held in Lagos. Bankuli jetted out to Paris while D’banj was still very much here in Nigeria to do adlibs on Kanye West’s new album.

That action may have infuriated Kanye and their relationship has since gone sour. Bankuli’s vocals were featured on Lift off featuring Beyonce in Watch the Throne album.

Bankuli, as we gathered has removed all traces of D’banj’s DB Records on his twitter profile.


1. Ibadi E (Let It Bounce) D’Banj ft. (*@&%^!&
2. Why You Love Me Like That D’Banj
3. Who Dat Kayswitch
4. Give Me D’Banj
5. Scape Goat (the fix) D’Banj ft. !@$$#%&
6. For Example Kayswitch
7. Trance D’Banj
8. Ololufemi J.Sol
9. Money On My Mind Kayswitch & J.Sol
10. Top Of The World D’Banj & J.Sol
11. So Fly J.Sol
12. Lugga (Bad Nigga) D’Banj ft. &&@^&!@
13. Skit (overshadow)
14. Don’t Tell Me Nonsense D’Banj

15. Nous les meilleurs (We The Best) D’Banj ft. %!^%@#
16. Don’t Wait Kayswitch & J.Sol
17. Willingly D’Banj ft. *!&&@^$#
Bonus Tracks
1. Oyato D’Banj
2. Cash Flow D’Banj
3. Bachelor D’Banj
4. Sista Caro Kayswitch & DeeVee


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