I got this in my mail box which  i found to be very  interesting as it is my area of specialization, check out

With due respect to Fuse and the event organisers, i hope a lesson or two would be learnt from this for future shows/events.

Feel free to contact me via email for event  HOSPITALITY reviews.

Fuse ODG, Ghanian musician based in the UK came to give us a performance accompanied by London based DJ Excell at Club Nassau, Dublin 2.

Please read the mail below:

“I attended the  FUSE ODG event  and i must say it was a good turn out,  Fuse performance was brilliant, his interaction with his fans was phenomenal however, the HOSPITALITY was very poor with the way he was escorted into the club with no security or someone ahead of him just incase of some”crazy” Azonto lovers” . The end of the night hath come with no cars or arranged  chuaffer outside to convey our Guest Artiste  Fuse, he was left outside the club for almost an hour. His host  handed some money to him after the money was gathered together.  Fuse was later spotted with his host in Abrakababra  trying to get something to eat for the night!”

Well, i have on several occasions blogged  about the importance of   HOSPITALITY  at every event. Click  on link to read some articles on hospitality :

Danny Meyer a restaurateur and owner of several highly acclaimed Manhattan restaurants, in his new book “The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business” emphasizes the importance of hospitality in all aspects of business. During an interview with Oprah “Hospitality is everything,” Danny says. 

Why is hospitality so key? “When we are first born, literally within moments of being born, we get four gifts that I think we spend the rest of our lives trying to recapture: eye contact, a smile, a hug and some pretty good food,” Danny says. “Think about that—that is the purest hospitality transaction. What it means is from that point on in our lives we crave being seen, that someone is happy to see us, a hug—which I think is one of the most reflexive acts of hospitality because we can’t give one without getting one—and food.

Danny says everyone wants great service, whether it’s at a restaurant, the grocery store, the dry cleaner or the car shop. However, there is a difference between service—someone doing what they’re supposed to do—versus hospitality. “Service doesn’t say anything about how someone made you feel,” Danny says. “Hospitality does. And the way people want to feel is that you’re on their side.” FA

Watch a fan recorded video of Fuse during his performance:

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