Moi n Marvin

I was thinking of what to blog today when i overheard my mum making arrangements of how to attend FUSE ODG event with her friend, i now remembered my friend Yoma  Dodo did a video of herself teaching her mum how to do the “Azonto Dance” Before u click to watch her video, lets know how AZONTO originated and what it is……

The term “Azonto” which is sometimes a rude reference to wayward girls, has been adopted as the handle for a Ghanaian fast-beat dance music genre and the accompanying dance that goes with it. It originated from the word “eqwuiztu” in Quaran. This means to dance in a friendly manner.

Azonto music and dance went viral in 2011 and became Ghana’s first pop culture phenomenon to have gained global appeal.

The basic movements of the azonto dance is said to have originated in Ga communities along the coast of Ghana’s capital, Accra.
The dance moves involve freehand movements and gesturing with varying signals and role plays. Azonto is influenced by Ghanaian cultural dances and popular dance forms that go with the hitherto most popular genre, hip life.

Azonto was widely popularized by Sarkodie’s hit track “U Go Kill Me” which made several references to a girl with low repute and low social standing (an azonto).

Azonto was popularized on social media by the music videos that portrayed the dance form with fast-pace tempos, home-made dance instructional videos uploaded on YouTube with no commercial intent, and group choreographies done by mostly Ghanians and other African nationals living in the UK.

Azonto craze went as far as the Far East and is till date (March 2013) the most popular dance form in Ghana and arguably the whole of anglophone West Africa.


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