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Primrose Obata Dodo, the elder sister to Nneka Obata Dodo, a familiar voice and face in Lagos’ top night spots and hotels, leading jazz, rock&roll, R&B and African “highlife” bands. Primrose was a popular face in Nigeria social scene until she relocated to Dublin a few years ago. Primrose, mother of three adorable children is highly fashionable and stylish.  VRH-Celebbuzz paid a visit to her a tastefully furnished home to interview her and for her  to share her fashion and style tips with other women.

What is Fashion and style,  how do you define your style, how do you put you outfit together?

ANSWER: I get these questions all the time, before I answer these questions I would first of all explain what fashion and style is.The oxford dictionary defines fashion as a popular trend especially in clothes hair and makeup and decoration, a prevailing custom or style of dressing, why style is a particular, Distinctive or characteristic mode of action or manner of acting. People always see fashion and style as the same thing, they are not the same anybody can be fashionable but not everybody can be stylish, I personally see fashion as a trend and style as a total package, which consist of comfort, poise, charisma and carriage and the way you put your outfit together, I also see it as fashion personified, how you express personality and how you project an image of yourself to the world. Style is choice, it is being original, being able to work into a room and own it, being stylish doesn’t mean shopping or buying everything you see in a shop.

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QUESTION; In Ireland, ladies often reckon with your fashion style and the “whoa” affects you often create, tell us about this?

ANSWER: People always ask the question are you a fashionista and I always say a big hell NO, am I stylish I say yes to an extent, my style is all about comfort, I am a woman who knows what suits her and works for her. I follow fashion and trend carefully like I always say if you follow fashion blindly you will get lost in it and become a slave to it and I feel that is what is responsible 

For what I see today everywhere I turn. I love all kind of cloths English, African name it ( I love and wear a lot of African attires) but I do not wear everything I see and admire, I will never be caught dead in silk and Lycra fabrics.

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QUESTION; tell us what your views are about basic fashion mistakes?

ANSWER;These days I see a lot of mistakes when it comes to fashion and style in women from the hair and makeup to jewellery, clothes to shoes. If you can not walk in high heeled shoes (stilettos) please don’t try it that high heeled shoes are in vogue doesn’t mean it is for everybody, look for a heel that is comfortable for you, don’t buy dresses and shoes because it’s in vogue and your friends have them. Learn to work with you body structure (shape), your complexion (skin tone), like every woman out there I am insecure about my body and it took me a long time to figure out my style, to know what suits me and what I am comfortable in, what colors work for me, even the hair styles I wear have to compliment my facial structure, I have rules that guides me in my sense of style.

QUESTION; Can you give us a few of your fashion rules and tips?


PRIMROSE:Here are my style tips

1. Trust yourself and your own judgment.
2. Know what suits you.
3. It is a crime in fashion to put all your jewellery on at the same time, choose the right accessories, I see a lot of ladies do this and I’m like what were you thinking, it is just tacky, remember in fashion less is more.
4. Ask yourself if you are picking an outfit because it’s in vogue or because it depicts your personality and suits you, if it’s because it’s in vogue then it is not for you.
5. Know the fabric that works for you, if you have bulges try and avoid silk and Lycra fabrics.
6. Mould you shape with fitted underwear, buy the right bra, same with your knickers, there is nothing worse than a defined panty line under a pair of jeans, pants ,dress or skirts. If you have cellulite try a body shaper
7. We are not perfect, we don’t know it all, don’t be afraid or shy to ask questions from people that know better than you, buy fashion magazines, visit fashion websites, and remember most of the best dressed people in the world were taught the art of fashion and putting their outfit together at one time or the other.
8. Style is all about confidence, be confident when you have an outfit on.
9. Do not worship fashion trends, just do you and be yourself.
10. Buy clothes that are timeless, you will be rocking it for a long time.
11. Experiments with colours and find the one that suits you.
12. Dress age appropriate I know age is just a number but believe me there are some dresses that are not meant for everyone.
13. Work with you body structure (shape) know what suits you and flatter you body shape don’t buy a dress that is a size 12 when you know you are a size 14,all in the name of fashion and curves.

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Always remember there is a thin line between classy, stylish and tacky.

1. If you have an athletic figure and not much waist definition, then you have a rectangle shape. You want to choose outfits which make you look more curvy. Wrap style dresses are great!
2. The hourglass figure is usually every woman’s dream, but depending on the proportions, can be difficult to dress. An hourglass lady can look wonderful or tarty depending on her clothes style.

3. A diamond body shape is characterized by narrow shoulders and a small bust and back, with most of the weight distributed through the midriff and waist area. If you have a diamond shape you should avoid anything overly fitted, patterned, contrasting or tailored through the waist. There are a lot of things which will flatter you.
4. If you have the classic oval shape (broader through the middle and upper torso, with no waist indentation and often with a full bust and sloping shoulders) then there’s lots you can do to minimise your stomach area and elongate your overall body length. For starters you need to concentrate on vertical lines and avoid tucked in tops.
5. If you’ve an inverted triangle frame, with wide shoulders, perhaps a big bust and narrow hips, you’ll need to widen your hips. Choosing pants and skirts in the right colour, fabric and style will have a big impact on your overall look. There are also certain types of top styles and dress styles you need to avoid so your shoulders don’t look even wider.
6. If you have the classic triangle shape, you will want to balance your hips by widening your shoulders. There are also several rules you need to follow for top and jacket lengths and skirt and pant styles.

PHOTO CREDIT: Oscar Blake , FOS Photography



  1. well done sister if only the mgbekes in Dublin will take a clue from your interview and learn how to dress the right way


  2. Pretty Primrose i have a huge girl crush on you, can somebody hook us up pls, tips so on point you do know the a and b of fashion why not become a fashion stylist? i will hire you


  3. Mennnn this lady is pretty and knows a lot about fashion i agree with you Anon 1:34 i hope Dublin women learn from her


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