It just baffles me when people just come up with such fake news! I was so sure, Banky W and Wizkid would never tweet such hence, i didn’t bother myself tto blog about it! I  wonder what they stand to gain from this “PHOTOSHOPED TWEETS” whoever came up with this FAKE TWEETS, God is watching u @ Agege penn cinema!


This particular tweets has been touring almost all the blogs in Nigeria except Linda Ikeji and some other authentic blogs, when I saw them I just knew Wizkid and Banky W can’t display such immaturity on twitter.
See prove that it was Photoshoped when you continue

Am about to prove to you guys that I can work for F.B.I hehe. Now the person that photoshopped this tweet wanted to make it look so real that he or she added Wizkid’s previous tweet
 “Going live on Ustream in a bit… #TeamWizkid lets get it!”
The supposed tweetfight happened in the night after Banky W’s show, on 15th Febuary when I was doing my investigating job I found out Wizkid tweeted about the Ustream by 3:38PM on February 12 see photo below
On that photoshopped tweet it said 6 minutes ago, then the tweet that he can’t be replaced and he has decided to move on with his life says 4 minutes ago that is 2 minutes difference. What they are now trying to say is that Wizkid tweeted it by 3:40pm! How possible?
Secondly I visited to see for my self. I found out they published the news on 15th February while Wizkid tweeted about Ustream on 12th. Febuary as you can see clearly,  when did 3day turn into 2 minutes So my people please tell me that this tweet was not photoshoped.
Besides, how come no other person was able to munch these tweets apart from Ob9ja people?

In conclusion I have come to realise That dwell in publishing fake news. They also said  Goldie’s manager confirmed Goldie is not dead, read for yourself HERE


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