Elton John; David Furnish and baby Zachary

Sir Elton John has reportedly become a father for the second time.

The Rocket Man and his husband David Furnish – who already have a two-year-old son,Zachary – are thought to have welcomed another child into the world via a surrogate. Which would make sense, for obvious reasons. Like, it’s how they did it last time.

According to the New York Post, the couple used the same California-based surrogate who gave birth to Zachary on Christmas Day 2010. As yet, no further details about the birth or the baby have been revealed.

Last November, it was revealed Elton and David were expecting their second child but had decided never to reveal the identity of the surrogate.

A source said: “Elton and David love this lady like a sister and they feel indebted to her for life. Naturally she has been well rewarded. But her identity will never be revealed. They are over the moon.”

Elton, 65, loves being a dad and has previously said he regretted waiting so long to have a child.

He said of having Zachery: ‘I think it changes everybody. It’s the most wonderful thing that you could possibly go through. I regret a little bit that I didn’t do it sooner, but he has changed our lives. Everything is about him now. He’s gorgeous, he travels brilliantly, he so loves people, and it makes our lives – he’s the icing on the cake. The first thing I do every morning is have breakfast with him. He shares my breakfast. Whatever I have, he wants.”

That’ll stand to him in later life. Snideness aside, it is a shame that Elton left it so late. Having lost a parent when I was 19, it’s important to be around for your kiddies for as long as possible. At 65, that can be a bit tricky.


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