Now that the Twitter hullabaloo has died down, I can now comment on D’Banj’s 2012 Koko Concert. I avoided not commenting immediately to avoid knee jerk reactions which many have fallen prey to. It’s best sometimes to just chill and play the scenes in your head all over again.

D’Banj is a gambler. Since he left Nigeria nearly a decade ago for an uncertain future in England he has been gambling. The Koko Master has won most of these gambles which have fueled his ambitions. The jury on whether his latest gamble- the conquering of the international market- is still out. Unfortunately with the missteps D’Banj has had in 2012, he might just lose this bet.

It’s not just about people trekking a mighty long distance to watch him perform. Koko Concert 2012 was partly successful and partly crap depending on which side you are on. It was a sold out concert and the organizers would have been more than happy. I am sure they smiled to the bank. For the fans, it was a nightmare. Many wore their Sunday’s best only for it to be ruined by sand and dust. Many were tired, pissed and annoyed by the time they got to the venue. The air reeked of disorganization. As usual a lot of people were harassed at the gates. I overheard one woman complaining bitterly that in concerts abroad people are not manhandled.

When I finally got into the venue, things just didn’t feel right. The concert which ideally was meant to be a gift to fans ended up being a parade of D’Banj’s new friends. It was like an emperor showing off his new clothes to subjects. A mighty king flaunting his new position.

This just didn’t start at the Koko Concert. Since the infamous split, D’Banj has been losing touch with the people that matter most- his fans. The dropping of singles/videos without any announcement hints at a ‘take it or leave it mentality’. Koko Concert was an avenue for him to reconnect with people who still love him but he blew it. Yeah, I am sure there are people who are still behind the man but I won’t be surprised if he has lost a whole lot of fans.

Granted, Don Jazzy might have not have had an epic year according to his legendary standards but one thing he hasn’t failed to do is lose his connection with his fans. The man is still on Twitter and is busy organizing competitions to find new talent. D’Banj has never been the politician who kisses babies and pats people on the back, granted. He has always been the king, the giant who roams the earth. To save his waning career he will need to wear the cloak of humility and work his ass off to show people he can relate. His ‘I don’t give a f*ck attitude’ will soon expire.

There is nothing wrong with ambition but a true gambler knows when to fold. I think it’s high time D’Banj folds and finds a new strategy. Since last year it has been one bad PR move after the other (remember the GEJ interview fail and the Sahara reporters interview?). It looked as if he had manged to dodge all that after the popular THE NET interview but D’Banj has been dropping the ball since then. Musically he has had mixed results. While I liked ‘Oyato’ people didn’t warm up to it. His verse on ‘Kukere’ remix was forgettable. ‘Cash Flow’ and ‘Bachelor’ are really not spectacular. The only thing Eja Nla had going in 2012 for him music wise was his verse on ‘Tony Montana’ remix. I am no Einstein but I feel that D’Banj should work more with Tee-Y Mix and get that ‘Tony Montana’ feel into his music. He had the X-factor on that song which has been missing on most of his new songs.

TLC once sang “Don’t go chasing waterfalls.Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all, but I think you’re moving too fast.” I admit I have been an admirer of D’Banj in the past and I respect his hustle and ambition but he can’t keep taking these risks and coming up flat. He needs a couple of home runs in 2013. He needs to pull off a Chicarito-esque move in the dying minutes before the Nigerian public finds another hero in his place. D’Banj needs to stop gambling.

By: Δyomide Tayo of Popoffcentral



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