Razaq D'chef Sadu
Razaq D’chef Sadu

Y’all remembered i blogged about D’chef’s OLE (COVER) song featuring Wizkid that was leaked lastnite? “well,  D’chef called me up  today about the leaked song and this is what he said “I’d changed my mine not to drop the cover song  of Wizkid’s “OLE” yet, because i  had intentions to put some finishing touches on it. Surprisingly, i saw it on my Facebook page this morning via your blog and I was shocked! I quickly investigated the case and found out that it was one of my friends who i had sent the link  to, to download, listen and  have his opinion,  that leaked it! claiming “it was already too good to be kept away for another while”

D’chef politely  asked me to take it off my blog, of which i initially did….click this link:  (2256 ) but when  i later called him and  told him about the statistics i.e  the amount of people that has already viewed the leaked song, he then  told me to leave it up!.. The Original song was done by “Hakym the King of Lamba”….wizkid did a Lamba  freestyle  of OLE  and D’chef  downloaded the freestyle and made his own version of the song.  Here is the link again:  Dchef_ole%20(cover)?d=1 ……

Razak (D’Chef) Sadu is an artist/producer based in Ireland. His style/genres are nija/hip hop which he experiments a lot with. He enjoys a variety of genres of music which he tries to incorporate into his music. For example; fuji, funky house, dance and many more…..You can hear and enjoy exactly what he means by “incorporation” when you listen to one of his latest singles “Mori Mi Wu” which means “make my head swell”. This is a hit track which he recorded for his lady fans. Since he recorded the song it has been a commodity at parties, night clubs and in Ireland as a whole.

His aim for the rest of this year is to work on more hits for his fans, promote his new singles and hopefully increase his fan base during the process.
You can can check him out on Facebook (Razaq D’Chef Sadu (Certified Alaye) and on Twitter (@dchef_khalifa).

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VickieRobert is a qualified Registered Practising Nurse with a long-standing passion for the entertainment industry. VickieRobert is the C.E.O of VickieRobert Hospitality4Celebrities.Her hands-on experience in music promotion and her Academic background have provided her with great practical knowledge of the industry which has been of great benefit in terms of VickieRobert Hospitality operations and planning.

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