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Welcome to my blog! My blog is all about Celebrities,entertainment and  Event First Aid Hospitality at events/concerts or shows. I am passionate about Event First Aid Hospitality at events, most especially for celebrities. My friends in the industry call me  the “hospitality Goddess” I will be blogging about attended Events by VRH crew,  Event First Aid Hospitality for celebrities before an event. I will also share  some  tips about Event First Aid hospitality for an outstanding Event! I am as excited as you are, as this is an area that “AFRICAN”  event planners/promoters  of Concerts often  pay least attention to!

Enjoy and please  feel free to post a comment!


Glaucoma is the name for a group of eye conditions in which the optic nerve is damaged at the point where it leaves the eye. This nerve carries information from the light sensitive layer in your eye, the retina, to the brain where it is perceived as a picture.

Your eye needs a certain amount of pressure to keep the eyeball in shape so that it can work properly. In some people, the damage is caused by raised eye pressure. Others may have an eye pressure within normal limits but damage occurs because there is a weakness in the optic nerve. In most cases both factors are involved but to a varying extent.

Eye pressure is largely independent of blood pressure.

Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve, the part of our eye that carries the images we see to our brain. In the healthy eye, a clear liquid circulates in the front portion of the eye. To maintain a constant healthy eye pressure, the eye continually produces a small amount of this fluid and an equal amount which flows out of the eye. If you have glaucoma, the fluid does not flow properly through the drainage system. Fluid pressure in the eye increases and this extra force presses on the optic nerve in the back of the eye, causing damage to the nerve fibres. Glaucoma is an extremely serious eye disorder which can cause blindness if not treated early.


What controls pressure in the eye?

A layer of cells behind the iris (the coloured part of the eye) produces a watery fluid, called aqueous. The fluid passes through a hole in the centre of the iris (called the pupil) to leave the eye through tiny drainage channels. These are in the angle between the front of the eye (the cornea) and the iris and return the fluid to the blood stream. Normally the fluid produced is balanced by the fluid draining out, but if it cannot escape, or too much is produced, then your eye pressure will rise. (The aqueous fluid has nothing to do with tears).

Why is increased eye pressure serious?

If the optic nerve comes under too much pressure then it can be injured. How much damage there is will depend on how much pressure there is and how long it has lasted, and whether there is a poor blood supply or other weakness of the optic nerve. A really high pressure will damage the optic nerve immediately. A lower level of pressure can cause damage more slowly, and then you would gradually lose your sight if it is not treated.


In the early stages of chronic glaucoma, there are frequently no obvious symptoms and whilst increased pressure in the eye may be an indicator, this will not necessarily mean you have the disease. With fewer early warning signs than other major eye diseases, the most efficient detection method for glaucoma is by regular eye examination. Those most prone to developing glaucoma are people over 60 and people with a family history of the disease.


Types of Glaucoma

There are four main types.

Chronic glaucoma: The most common is chronic glaucoma in which the aqueous fluid can get to the drainage channels (open angle) but they slowly become blocked over many years. The eye pressure rises very slowly and there is no pain to show there is a problem, but the field of vision gradually becomes impaired.  In Ireland when people talk about ‘glaucoma’ they are mostly referring to this chronic type, sometimes referred to as ‘primary open angle glaucoma’.

Acute glaucoma: Acute glaucoma is much less common in western countries. This happens when there is a sudden and more complete blockage to the flow of aqueous fluid to the eye. This is because a narrow “angle” closes to prevent fluid ever getting to the drainage channels. This can be quite painful and will cause permanent damage to your sight if not treated promptly.

Secondary and developmental glaucoma: There are two other main types of glaucoma. When a rise in eye pressure is caused by another eye condition this is called secondary glaucoma. There is also a rare but potentially serious condition in babies called developmental or congenital glaucoma which is caused by malformation in the eye.

Is glaucoma common?

Figures for the UK and Ireland suggest some form of glaucoma affects about two in 100 people over the age of 40.


Are some people more at risk of chronic glaucoma?

Yes. There are several factors which increase the risk.

  • Age: Chronic glaucoma becomes much more common with increasing age. It is uncommon below the age of 40 but affects one per cent of people over this age and five per cent over 65.
  • Race: If you are of African origin you are more at risk of chronic glaucoma and it may come on somewhat earlier and be more severe. So make sure that you have regular tests.
  • Family: f you have a close relative who has chronic glaucoma then you should have an eye test at regular intervals. You should advise other members of your family to do the same. This is especially important if you are aged over 40 when tests should be done every year.
  • Short sight: People with a high degree of short sight are more prone to chronic glaucoma.
    Diabetes is believed to increase the risk of developing this condition.

Is there a risk of sight loss?

The danger with chronic glaucoma is that your eye may seem perfectly normal. There is no pain and your eyesight will seem to be unchanged, but your vision is being damaged. Some people do seek advice because they notice that their sight is less good in one eye than the other.

The early loss in the field of vision is usually in the shape of an arc a little above and / or below the centre when looking ‘straight ahead’. This blank area, if the glaucoma is untreated, spreads both outwards and inwards. The centre of the field is last affected so that eventually it becomes like looking through a long tube, so-called ‘tunnel vision’. In time even this sight would be lost.


As glaucoma becomes much more common over the age of 40 you should have eye tests at least every two years.


While there is no cure for glaucoma and optic nerve damage cannot be reversed, the disease can be treated successfully and vision loss prevented by early detection. Treatment involves controlling the pressure in the eye as it is pressure which damages the optic nerve causing loss of sight. Acute glaucoma is treated by drugs to relieve pressure and may be followed by laser treatment or surgery to allow the fluid to drain. Occasionally, the blockage in the eye becomes permanent and needs the same treatment as chronic glaucoma. Chronic glaucoma is controlled by eye drops, or occasionally by tablets. Where vision continues to deteriorate, laser treatment or surgery to provide a drainage valve will be required. These procedures have a high success rate. They can control the pressure and stop the progression of the disease, although it is important to remember it cannot be cured and lifelong monitoring is essential.

Treatment to lower the pressure is usually started with eye drops. These act by reducing the amount of fluid produced in the eye or by opening up the drainage channels so that excess liquid can drain away. If this does not help, your eye doctor may suggest either laser treatment or an operation called a trabeculectomy to improve the outflow of fluids within the drainage system of your eye.

Is there a cure?

Although damage already done cannot be repaired, with early diagnosis and careful regular observation and treatment, damage can usually be kept to a minimum, and good vision can be enjoyed indefinitely.



In acute glaucoma the pressure in the eye rises rapidly. This is because the periphery of the iris and the front of the eye (cornea) come into contact so that aqueous fluid is not able to reach the tiny drainage channels in the angle between them. This is sometimes called closed angle glaucoma.


The sudden increase in eye pressure can be very painful. The affected eye becomes red, the sight deteriorates and may even black out. There may also be nausea and vomiting. In the early stages you may see misty rainbow coloured rings around white lights.

Sometimes people have a series of mild attacks, often in the evening. Vision may seem ‘misty’ with coloured rings seen around white lights and there may be some discomfort in the eye. If you think that you are having mild attacks you should contact your doctor without delay. In routine examinations the structure of the eye may make the examiner suspect a risk of acute glaucoma and advise further tests.


If you have an acute attack you will need to go into hospital immediately so that the pain and the pressure in the eye can be relieved. Drugs will be given which both reduce the production of aqueous liquid in the eye and improve its drainage. An acute attack, if treated early, can usually be brought under control in a few hours. Your eye will become more comfortable and sight starts to return.

When the pain and inflammation have gone down, your surgeon will advise making a small hole in the outer border of the iris to relieve the obstruction, allowing the fluid to drain away. This is usually done by laser treatment.

Usually the surgeon will also advise you to have the same treatment on the other eye, because there is a high risk that it will develop the same problem.

This treatment is not painful. Depending on circumstances and the response to treatment, it may not require admission to hospital. Sometimes a short stay in hospital may be advised.

Can it be cured?

If diagnosed without delay and treated promptly and effectively there may be almost complete and permanent recovery of vision. Delay may cause loss of sight in the affected eye. Occasionally the eye pressure may remain a little raised and treatment is required as for chronic glaucoma.

Will it affect my Driving?

Most people can still drive if the loss of visual field is not advanced. To assess possible damage to your peripheral vision you will need a special test to see whether your sight meets the standards of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority. Often people who have damaged field of vision on the detailed tests which are done to monitor progession of the disease, can still have a good enough field of vision for everyday activities such as driving so always ask your eye doctor if you should do an Estermann test before deciding if you are fit to drive .

Will I have sight loss?

Early detection and treatment will usually prevent or retard further damage by glaucoma. Much can be done to help you use your remaining vision as fully as possible.



To celebrate this year’s international women’s day,  Vickie Robert Hospitality Foundation For Disabilities and Migrant and Minority  Disability Network Europe  teamed up with Universal Peace Federation Nigeria to empower 50 widows in Karu LGA Nassarawa State,Nigeria.

“Widows For Peace” initiative  birthed on the 9th of October 2016 after VRHF & MMDNE recent visit to Karu LGA D Nasarawa State Nigeria to support  Ambassadrice Tony-biaou Sonia Diane.

Ambassadrice Tony-biaou Sonia Diane whose community service project in Karu LGA of Nasarawa state touched the heart and lives of 100  widows facing several challenges. Apart from providing clothing materials to each of the widows, the project provided opportunities for the collection of basic data of the 100 widows that will be useful in our community service projects for the widows.

Part of the activities that took place in Karu LGA of Nasarawa State Nigeria, was free assessment to children living with a disability.

VRHF and MMDNE  offered free and confidential  Disability Needs assessments to children that were presenting with some form of  disabilities, brought to the meeting by their Mothers.
Vickie Robert Okere and  Angela Unufe Kennedy are both Registered Nurses in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Happy International women’s day to all women around the Globe!!!!!

  • #IWD2017#BeBoldForChange#

Ooni Of Ife official UK trip: Vickie Robert Hospitality has been confirmed to provide therapeutic services to Oba”Adéyẹyè Ẹniìtàn  Ògúnwùsì” Ojaja II

Preparations are in top gear as Vickie Robert Hospitality Services is set to receive his Imperial Majesty .

VRH is no newbie when it comes to providing therapeutic hospitality services to the Royals. Recall VRH provided bespoke hospitality services to the Olu of Ilaro ,  the Olu of Mushin and  the Oritsebolowo of Warri Kingdom during their visits o Dublin  click HERE,  HERE  and HERE  if you missed it. 

This event is: powered by Ooni of Ife Global Outreach/ proudly Supported by Bustline Media UK.
To find out more about Ooni of Ife Global Outreach, follow on :
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or visit http://www.ooniofifego.com  #ooniofifego #otisese#

The Ooni of Ife His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, President of Ghana, His Excellency,Nana Akufo Addo and Former Prime Minister of Barbados Arthur Owen are expected to join Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, other members of the Royal Family, Commonwealth Secretary General and other leaders of the Commonwealth as Special Guest Speakers during the this year’s Commonwealth Day Service and Commonwealth Africa Summit 2017 where “Leveraging our Commonwealth Heritage for economic development and collective growth” will be at the top of conversations during summit slated to hold from the 13th – 15th March 2017.

In line with the yearly history of the rich tradition of Commonwealth celebration which is geared towards the promotion of mutually respectful cultural values of all member states, Ooni Ogunwusi will be involved in a number of events to include the Commonwealth Day Service and the Commonwealth Africa Summit slated to hold from 13th to 15th March 2017 where the African foremost monarch is expected as a keynote speaker and a Special Guest of Honour to lay wreath at the Memorial Gate in remembrance of Africans who died in the 2nd world wars.

As the Arole Oduduwa and Spiritual Leader of all Yoruba people at home and in Diaspora, His Imperial Majesty who will during his 2week visit to the UK meet with the multitude of Yoruba subjects residing in the country will be hosted by members of the British Parliament business leaders to discuss mutually benefits in cultural, economic and educational collaboration and partnerships.

He will also visit the Old Royal Palace of Queen Elizabeth I at the Hatfield House where he will decorated as the promoter of African Culture in modern Europe with a performance of MOREMI stage drama by the Elite Royal College of Mundon.

Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II will dedicate part of his schedules to meet with Nigeria High Commission heads, Nigerians-British Mayors(past and present), Local Councillors, business professionals, the youths who are global players in their fields of endeavours.

He will also be sitting as the Royal Distinguished Guest of Honour during the 2017 annual CANUK awards and dinner event aimed at recognising high achieving Nigerians in the United Kingdom.

The Commonwealth Africa Summit 2017 activities will begin with a wreath laying service in honour of those who were lost to the 2 world wars and will be followed by a Service at the Westminster Abbey in the Presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and other Royals.

Her Majesty will host the Ooni, other Commonwealth leaders and eminent individuals in attendance at a dinner reception at Marlborough House as part of the activities to celebrate the Commonwealth Week.

The Summit business activities will begin on Tuesday 14th March with an Opening Plenary and close with a Dinner on Wednesday 15th March in Westminster.

The 2017 Commonwealth Africa Summit will be attended by government leaders from across Africa and the Commonwealth in addition to business leaders from all member states. At the 2017 Commonwealth African Summit, prominent leaders will deliberate on the theme ‘from Shared Prosperity to Collective Growth’ – one that promote prosperity and secures Africa’s future. Issues such as energy and power, Africapitalism, trade and investment, sustainable livelihood, child rights, counter insurgency and terrorism will be discussed and lasting solutions proposed.

Other activities lined up to mark the Ooni’s 2week from 12th to 25th March 2017 are as follows:

*Special press interview with The Times, Economist and The Guardian

*Meeting with the Mayor of London

*Business Leaders Luncheon with Chambers of commerce leaders

*Meeting with Nigerian Mayors and Councillors(past and present)

*Meeting with Nigerian professionals at the Nigeria High Commission

*Visit to the British Museum to engage in the tour of “The Kingdom of Ife Archive” and other Artefacts

*Church service with the Head of Church of England – Archbishop of Canterbury

*Lecture at Oxford University with Oxford African Society

* Meeting with the Traditional priests in Diaspora

*Cultural celebration and Gala receptions with Egbe Omo Oduduwa, Yoruba, Yoruba Federation Egbe Omo Ile-Ife, and other dynamic cultural groups.

To find out more about Ooni of Ife Global Outreach, follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or visit http://www.ooniofifego.com  #ooniofifego #otisese


 Nursing (Top-Up) BSc (Hons)

‘Top-up’ a registered nurse qualification to a full honours degree in one year of study. Underline your advanced clinical expertise and professionalism. Enhance skills that allow you to meet a wider range of challenges.

This course is designed to top-up a registered nursing qualification. You’ll be taught by an enthusiastic team of skilled professionals. All members of the team have at least one specialist area of both clinical and teaching expertise. They are also actively involved in healthcare research and consultancy work.

All learning is underpinned by evidence-based practice that promotes the development of high-quality health care provision.

There is a strong emphasis on relating nursing theory to clinical practice.

Why us?

94% of graduates are in employment or further study within six months of graduating.
‘Top-up’ is a registered nursing qualification to a full honours degree in one year of study

LinkPro Consult is a registered company in ireland, Nigeria and United Kingdom.

LinkPro Consult currently have an Agency agreement with St. Angela’s College Sligo (NUI Galway).in Republic of Ireland.

The purpose of the company is to empower people using quality education
as a tool.

LinkPro Consult has placed 3 candidates successfully (All fee paying from Nigeria) for the top up Nursing Degree at St.Angela’s College, Sligo. Currently, 7 students have been offered admission.

Click on link to read more about the CEO of LinkPro   : Mr Joseph Ogun, Director, Linkpro Consult is our Nigerian recruitment representative




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With 2016 drawing to a close, we at VICKIE ROBERT HOSPITALITY for Celebrities don’t want this holiday season to pass without wishing all our client’s, friends and acquaintances a merry Christmas and a happy New Year filled with peace, prosperity and lots of exciting travel.#VICKIEROBERTHOSPITALITYGURUSINDESTINATIONPARTIES#

Thank you for your support throughout the year, for visiting our blog-site for exclusive event hospitality coverage, interviews and more from the Entertainment/ Hospitality industry.


If you are working over  the festive break, we hope it is a successful and profitable one for you and if not, we hope you have enjoyed a well -earned rest!

Looking forward to doing business with you in 2017….





I can never forget that faithful Sunday morning Bakore called me to say “Majie is gone passed” and I asked to where? And he replied to be with the Lord and I quietly responded with, it is well I give God all the glory, let me call and check on my siblings before going  straight to church to lead my choir in praise and worship…..

I tried so hard to be strong listening to people say “how come you look so normal sister Primrose, no signs of distress on your face just you normal cheerful self if only they kneI can never forget that faithful Sunday morning Bakore called me to say “Majie is gone passed” and I asked to where? And he replied to be with the Lord and I quietly responded with it is well I give God all the glory, let me call and check on my siblings before going  straight to church to lead my choir in praise and worship. I tried so hard to be strong listening to people say how come you look so normal sister Primrose, no sign of distress on your face, just your normal cheerful self.  if only they knew how I felt inside but my belief in God and his grace kept me singing those songs without any sign of the news I got about my mum’s death that happen that same morning.

One part of me wanted to ask God why take her? but the Holy Spirit kept saying Primmy, you can’t question God just give him praise.
“Majie you were so loved  and I sincerely wished you could wake up and talk to me and ask me questions about the bible or just hear me preach the word and you go MAMA J my pastor daughter have they finally ordained you? Ha ha ha ha 

When challenges come I run to God before running to you’ Nwachie and God speaks to me through you with those ever soothing words “e go better mama J, I know you to be a very strong woman remember the God you serve, don’t worry I am praying for you.” Who do I run to now after God ,Nwachie? Who would  I chat with on the phone for  one hour? Why did you decide to go now? You were my best friend, confidant, gist partner and adviser .Nwachie, I have never seen you angry or shouted at anyone, you taught me to be calm, you were so understanding and accommodating to me and my siblings even when we didn’t meet up to you expectations you never frowned or shouted instead you showed us, love. You were a gift and a treasure.  

Mummy,  I will never forget you. Saying my goodbye is  truly hard but I just have to do it. 
Please God take care of her for us till we meet to part no more, I promise I will always remember her and be grateful for the sacrifices she made. 

Love you mummy dearest – POD


Ta’Zorlee is a  non-profit and non-governmental group founded by Primrose Dodo dedicated and committed to supporting women and children  in Africa.

Ta’ ZorLee Foundation annual fundraising event to support the various projects of Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation (adweF) gathers momentum as plans are being put together by the team to have a better outing this year in putting smiles on the faces of widows in Nigeria.


Ta’zor Lee Fundraising Dinner And Award night 2016 (Masked Ball)

Date – 29th October 2016
Venue- Radisson Blu Hotel
Swords Airport
Time – 5pm – 11pm
Tickets – 30 euros single , 
Couple 50 euros (Dinner served at 8pm)

Mask will be sold at the venue for 3 euros and 5euros respectively depending on the chosen design.






Inspiration Production



Inspiration Production Presents In A Strange LandInspiration Production Is Back with ‘IN A STRANGE LAND’, A Powerful Nollywood Movie with Great Message!


First Trailer “In A Strange Land Movie”

Inspiration Production Presents “In a Strange Land” A story based on Modern day slavery and human trafficking. Modern slavery is an appalling crime that has no place in today’s society. However, this is often out of sight in many homes, behind the curtain of ordinary

In A Strange Land Movie

Modern Slavery and human trafficking is on the rise in the UK and the fight against it continues; Announced by Theresa May. UK Prime minister.

“The Government is determined to build a Great Britain that works for everyone, therefore not tolerating modern slavery, an evil trade that shatters victims’ lives and traps them in a cycle of abuse”. She said.

Statistics convey an estimate between 10,000 and 13,000 potential victims of slavery in the UK. And 40% rise in the number of victims referred for support. At least 10 people are trafficked every week into UK facing violence, exploitation and all form of abuse, thus the introduction of The Modern Slavery Act 2015. First published by the Home Office.

In A Stanger Land Movie
“IN A STRANGE LAND” raises awareness and there are consequences of being a perpetrator. Putting a stop to this crime within our communities is a must.

Our live begins the day we start to speak out to put an end to slavery.
Award winning actress and producer Roseline Sanni-Ajose has done it again. Her movies are known to be set both in the UK and Nigeria, not only to educate but also to teach us important things about life, this movie is no exception.

Inspiration Production Presents In A Strange Land
Directed by Oresiriteru Ekuerhare ‘In A Strange Land” features; Sam Obiago, Roseline Sanni-Ajose, Ngozi Thompson, Judith Chukwuma, William Kemeh, Toyin Moore, Cordelia Emeh, Dr Sunday Popoola, MA Benson, Lucien Morgan, Ndiyo James, Seyi Obadare, Zainab Taiwo ,Larry King, Kevwe Ogunje, David Ajose among others.

Pictures From The Making Of The Movie:

Slavery is an appalling crime that has no place in today’s society. However, this is often out of sight in many homes, behind the curtain of ordinary street.

Inspiration Production is known for setting standards in the Nollywood industry with good quality movies, interesting stories lines which can be related to everyday life. ‘In A Strange Land’ is another one of these movies and is set to be a blockbuster.

Inspiration Production Presents In A Strange Land
Coming soon, this is a movie not to be missed!



Nigerian/Irish Afrofusion artist Tevin finally drops his first music video titled Lagbaja.

He draws the listener in with a very catchy hook from the get go “Call me Lagbaja, she say she wan see my face, I be Lagbaja” the song also creates a vibe through the Hard hitting Instrumental which was produced by Chris kabs and the vivid/Conceptual lyrics and flow that Tevin Provides


The video was shot in Lagos and it was directed by SAY.
Tevin’s first Album “Spirit Dance” will be out soon.



DONT SHOOT…… A New song by YoungChap.
The talented and versatile artist (YoungChap) has taken a bold step through creativity to campaign against unnecessary shootings and killing by the police. Everyone deserves to live because all lives matter.
The song is  however dedicated to those that had their lives taken by the police #altonsterling #philandocastile #trayvonmartin #michealbrown#ericgarner #handsup #dontshoot #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter




D’prince just elevated the act of razzness in a polished royal punkness style.With this song, he just emerged as an unexpected dark horse taking over from the usual local razz street beat impersonators. He obviously appears to have gone the full circle from his days of the Omoba, good morning your Highness fame through the various genres that define his style from the Mohits era to the period of the post Mohits split leading to his Frenzy album as the flagship star of Mavin Records.

Like the message from his song , the journey of a thousand miles , he seem to have indeed coasted home with this unapologetic club banger ‘Worldwide’

Along the line, he had done songs in collaboration with tested hit makers that have earned him a very rich and enviable catalogue of hits ranging from Give it to me with D’banj, Wudup with Wizkid and painting the town red off frenzy album , Molowo Noni with wizkid, Ice Prince and Samklef, Because of love ft. Bracket, Ife ft. Tiwa Savage , Gentleman ft. Davido and Don Jazzy among other great songs.

For those who craved for more, he gave them Goody bag while for those who were living in fools paradise and greedily aspiring to be who they are not, he used Oga Titus to send them a message to avoid judge jazzy judgement of a hundred years sentence of which if you do not help yourself, he offered them you are on your own #OYO.


D’Prince has gone worldwide and for those arm chair critics and haters who do not appreciate what creative processes play out before you come out with a song, he has given them a staccato of street jargon that will keep them busy when they realise that attack is the best form of defence if they need to be reminded that hard working creative artistes need to be appreciated and applauded for their efforts and not the uncomplimentary and sometimes derogatory remarks from those who do not possibly know the difference between a microphone and a hammer.

If the feelers out there and the critical reception which this new single have received is anything to go by, D’prince may not have only gone worldwide but D’prince is here indeed and will continue to remain musically relevant in the Mavin effort of being a production powerhouse in Africa.

WORLDWIDE is produced by label Boss, DON JAZZY.



After 10years of blissful wedding and 4 beautiful children 2boys and 2girls. Saliu and Dola finally did their Engagement the same day as their 10th wedding anniversary with the support of our family and friends from all over the world.
in attendance where lots of notable faces from Nigeria, London and Dublin.. Several High profiles Senators Included is Senator Gbenga Ashafa. Dj Jay of ireland and others. More photo after the cut:



Event organised by DeHaze Events
Aso oke by MOLBAKS
Make up by Beauty And The Beholder
Candy table by Oakscandystation
cake by JadesCakery
Ushers by Maveragency
Entertainments by Rockers Band
Catering by infusionCatering





Belvedere Trade Platform was launched on the 30th of May 2016 at the prestigious Regent Banqueting Suite with over 15 vendors

Belvedere Trade Platform is founded by Sade Apata Adesakin and Tokunbo Opaleye.

Whether you are  a visitor or exhibitor, Belvedere Trade Platform is a great place to network and forge good business relationships.

Face-to-face contact with customers and suppliers can make the wheels of your business turn more smoothly. You can meet new prospects and find new sources of revenue.






Home Décor/ Home Organising & Decluttering / Line of home fragrances

ShadesLondon Hair Supplier of Pure Virgin Hair Extensions


By Opaleye

Stylist / Designer and supplier of unique accessories


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Roche Travel & Tours

Bolanle Provides Tailored Travel & Tours specialising in group travel & events


Prep Mum

Helping hands for expectant mums engaging expected mums from the last trimester till birth and beyond.


Adivahs Event & Hire
Event Hire Company – Crockery, Glassware, Table linen, Chiavari Chairs, Waiting Staff, Table styling & Décor hire

Ravissant Cocktails

Mobile bar people. Mixologists delivering a wide range of mouth watering cocktails


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J Grace Enterprises

Amway Skincare & Home products Distributor

Montessori Child minder
Ofsted Registered Montessori Childminder/ Mobile Crèche



Aso-oke, Beads & Embellishments on any fabric


Lapel pins, Accessories & Trad Looks
Lumee Phone cases – The Lumee photography experience

Ayanski Fabrics
Exotic African prints in Silk, Chiffon, Guipure, Sequin & Jersey

Redy Cakes

Cakes for all occasions

Tina B’s Kitchen

Catering for events & weekend orders

Just Accessorezze
T Shirt personalisation

KS Designs
Digital Design – 2D Interior & space Planning, 3D Visualisation, Logo Design, Business Cards, Design Consultation & Leaflet & Flyer Design

Voice of Responsibility
Corporate Event Compere



Ready to wear collection

Crown Beauty Solutions
Mary Kay & FM Distributor

Faith Folajide
Singer Songwriter


Supported by VRH-Media

Star Children Initiative In Collaboration With The NOUS Presents 2016 DISABILITY CONFERENCE

Do you know or work with children and young people with disabilities or special needs?

• Are you a professional working in the same field?

• Are you a parent or carer supporting a child or young adult with a disability or additional need?

• Are you a child or young adult with a disability or special need?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these

questions then this FREE event is for you!

A host of exciting and innovative projects and organisations that extend choice and inclusion for people with disabilities, across all areas of their lives, will be showcased throughout the day on the exhibition floor, within the conference

DATE: Tuesday 28th June 2016

VENUE: Haggerston Community Centre 8 Lovelace Street, E8 4FF

TIME: 9:30 am – 1:00pm
MEDIA BROADCAST BY: VickieRobertHospitality  Media

Star Children Initiative In Collaboration With The NOUS Presents 2016 DISABILITY CONFERENCE

Do you know or work with children and young people with disabilities or special needs?

• Are you a professional working in the same field?

• Are you a parent or carer supporting a child or young adult with a disability or additional need?

• Are you a child or young adult with a disability or special need?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these

questions then this FREE event is for you!


A host of exciting and innovative projects and organisations that extend choice and inclusion for people with disabilities, across all areas of their lives, will be showcased throughout the day on the exhibition floor, within the conference

DATE: Tuesday 28th June 2016

VENUE: Haggerston Community Centre 8 Lovelace Street, E8 4FF

TIME: 9:30 am – 1:00pm
MEDIA BROADCAST BY: VickieRobertHospitality  Media


The Aspiring Governor of Ondo State Akinboye Taiwo Oyewumi is definitely amongst the new generation of leaders to look out for in the forthcoming Ondo State 2016 Gubernatorial elections. LIKE US ON…



Watch Don Jazzy at age 9(25 years ago)  performing ” ROSIE CAN I HAVE A DANCE” by Blacky with full live band.


Was that Mavin Grandpa Collins Enebeli ( Don Jazzy’s dad) i saw playing the keyboard?Checkout that Bae (ROSIE) giving us those RASTA steps…..EPIC!!!

Don Baba J, biko, what a hapun 2 ur voice? in chief zebrudaya alias ZB’s voice…

Enjoy the video below …whatever you are doing, wherever you are#ProgressWithJoy#


NNSS Summer Ball, London: Tickets now available!



Nigerian Navy Secondary School is 34 this year, and to celebrate this milestone, a summer ball will be held in London on September 3rd 2016. This is more than just a party, it will be the launch and building of a powerful network to help one another… globally.
NNSS alumni, no matter where you live, or what year, or location of the school you attended, you are all warmly invited.

DATE: Saturday September 3rd 2016

TIME: 17:00hrs – 01:00hrs

VENUE: Regents Banqueting Suite, 331 Regents Park Road, London N3 1DP


Beezy Obalola popularly known as Beezy is a household name when it comes to Nigerian Music scene in Dublin.

beezy There has been so many reactions about Beezy’s latest rap freestyle which he dropped on the 30th of April 2016. Within few hours of dropping, the views were over 3,000!

This freestyle landed Beezy in a radio station in Dublin, where he was invited to come and clear the air…

Beezy’s Fans came up with so many funny memes:


In the freestyle, Beezy talked about what he’s been through in the music Industry . As an upcoming Artist then, he at one time sent links of his songs to Artist like, Olamide, Wizkid and Davido through DM .They all neglected or did not respond to the DM. He also mentioned few people in his life who he’s lost to death.

Beezy acknowledged the likes of Dj Hamed, Dj Wax, Dj Jay and Dj Poison who have been instrumental to his music career.

What do you think about this brand new free style from Beezy?

Watch, Enjoy , Share and comment.




When he first came to public attention in the late 1980’s, Arthur Mafokate (born in Pimville, Soweto) was not a singer, but a dancer who’d won the Dance Categories at a number of different competitions including the Shell Road to Fame Talent Search and the Town Talk Pantsula Dance Competition in South Africa. As an accomplished dancer, he became a backing dancer for top artists such as Brenda Fassie, Son of Monwa & Son Fame and Johnny Makholi. Through dancing he was able to be closer to his dream of being a musician as it allowed him to get a feel of the atmosphere on stage and to work with established musicians. As a musician, singer, producer, songwriter and television personality, (also Vuvuzela) he later became known as ‘King of Kwaito’ – pioneer of Kwaito music in South Africa. Arthur Mafokate released the album ‘Kaffir’, in 1995, which showed


Arthur as an artist unafraid to court controversy or state his strong opinions. The lyrics of the title song ‘Kaffir’ reflect the new freedoms that emerged after the political changes of 1994, including the implementation of a new constitution and democratic election system. The King of Kwaito released the albums ‘Die Poppe Sal Dans’ (1996) and ‘Oyi Oyi’ (1997), and Yiyo (1998) containing a featuring track from Farewell, all albums containing hits. As founder of the record label ‘999 Music’, Mafokate has created a platform for numerous Kwaito artists producing albums for Supasta, Bambezela, Ishamel, Mshosa, Doom Sugar, Tall & Slender, Papa Jeff, Pinky Pinky, Aba Shante, New School and many others.



Divas of colour now in it’s 3rd year is the largest and most successful gathering of women from around the world. A special day to showcase the best and contributions of women of colour from around the world.  Come and discover brands, products and businesses by women for women and the family.

A day packed with so mcuh to see, test and buy from the best of natural skin care brands, hand made fashion and accessories products , home ware, children’s wears, Health and beauty products. Lots of giveaways and deals exclusively at the Divas of colour trade show. With over 20 authentic brands you have a beautiful day out with the girls.

You have a completely free entry to the trade show and exhibitions through out the day. Tickets are available to access the fashion show same day same venue.

You can also purchase your tickets HERE

DATE: Saturday, 26 March 2016

TIME: 12:00 to 17:30

WHERE: Hilton London Tower Bridge – Tooley Street. #5. London SE1 2BY GB – View Map
Divas of colour in association with C. Hub magazine (UK’s leading African magazine) and PearlWoman magazine (UK’s leading women free bimonthly magazine) invite you to a sizzling and exciting 3rd edition of Divas of colour awards .

Divas of colour is the largest gathering of world’s most powerful women of colour. A special day to celebrate, recognise, reward and discover the best of women of colour from around the world.

Divas of colour recognises women of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage all over the world. The most prestigious and respected awards ceremony for women of colour in the UK and beyond. Now in it’s 3rd edition , Divas of colour has recognised women such as Hon Dee Dawkins Haiglar of Georgia State US, Hon Abike Dabiri, Veteran journalist Sherry Dixon, CNN Hero Betty Makoni , Prof E A Anionwu and a host of many other achieving and influential women of colour.

This year as Dr Yvonne Thompson (who is the first ever UK self made millionaire) becomes the patron, Divas of colour has reached even to another height . With performances from top  UK female artists, dancers and afrobeats stars, this year’s award night is a not to be missed event.

Women , dignatries, and influential women from all over the world are expected to attend this year’s Divas of colour fashion, trade and award event.

Register to attend  HERE


DazzlinPR presents “LAUGH IT OUT FOR GOD SAKE” 2016

lolLaugh It Out 4 God Sake!!! Is A Classic Dazzling Event For The Family…A Unique Evening OF Laughter With Live Comedy Direct From London And Nigeria.

LAUGH IT OUT 4 GOD SAKE!!!’ was birth on Sunday in May 2014. The event is a collaboration between Comedy, music and entertainment. This yearly event brings all the Celebrities and beautiful faces all around UK together under one roof.

TICKETS: £25 ( Light Snacks with Drink)




DRESS CODE: GLAM and SHARP (Dress to kill for red carpet interview)

WHEN: Sunday, 1 May 2016




Organiser of LAUGH IT OUT 4 GOD SAKE!!! SUNDAY 1ST OF MAY 2016


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Dede Mabiaku a protégé of the Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti is the son of late chief Mabiaku.
On the 22nd January 2016 at  10am, Chiefs of the Palace of the Olu of Warri will accompany the family of late Chief Mabiaku,  the Iyatsere of Warri to Ode-itsekiri for the burial of the late Chief.

Ugbajo Itsekiri Ireland : Misan Ulori presenting a bottle of Gin to The Oritseboluwo of Warri Kingdom during his visit to Ireland

 High Chiefs of the Kingdom are expected to come with their swords to bid farewell by way of a special ceremonial dance to their departed colleague. The ceremony would continue till the following morning.
Chief Mabiaku was installed by Ogiame Erejuwa II, the Olu of warri in the 1970″s. Until his demise, Chief Mabiaku was the most senior Chief of the Palace.and was the Chairman Warri Council of Chiefs.Traditionally, he was the Prime Minister of Warri Kingdom and second in Command to the Olu of Warri.
Iwere Nation,a blessed Kingdom, an envy of all Nations, Long live the new  OLU OF WARRI, LONG LIVE WARRI KINGDOM.